Cell phone masks made of flax plant


Today, plastic pollution is one of the world’s burning problems. Everyone is trying to reduce the use of plastic. That’s why eco-friendly cell phone cases are a great choice.

These cell phone masks are made from a flax-based plant grown by a local farmer in Sweden. Everything left of the plant is used to make cell phone masks. Masks are completely biodegradable. There are 26 different variants. They are painted in a printing press that uses only organic inks.

These masks are easily reused in production. So, if for any reason you want to replace your mask, the Swedish company A Good Company (which produces and sells masks) will turn the old mask into a new one. The customer gets a discount on the purchase every time he replaces the old mask with a new one.

The covers are made for iPhone. You can find out more about masks https://agood.com/blogs/stories/a-good-mobile-case





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