Sjo Skin is a Swedish cosmetic brand

Sjo Skin is a popular Swedish cosmetic brand
Today, honey has become an indispensable ingredient in the lines of various cosmetic brands. Bee honey is a thick sweet-tasting liquid produced from nectar obtained from the flowers of plants. Honey contains vitamin A, B vitamins, C, D, E, H, Ka, minerals (potassium, iron, calcium) and enzymes.
The value of honey and bee products is increasingly appreciated. There are primarily hair and skin products. For example, it gives the skin the necessary elasticity due to the ability to attract and retain moisture. It restores the hair and gives it the necessary shine. Honey is an excellent antioxidant.
Honey is an emollient because it softens the skin and retains moisture. Honey is a humectant because it binds moisture. Honey is a moisturizer because it supplies the skin with moisture. Honey is a tonic because it strengthens and invigorates. Honey also serves as a substance that smoothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects.
Sjo Skin is the latest hit in cosmetics with honey. It is definitely a brand of natural cosmetics with only a few ingredients. The Sjo Skin brand was founded by Quinn and Jenny-mother and daughter.
They offer a face mask and dry oil. Dry honey-based oil enriched with propolis that protects against inflammation and soothing properties due to the oil from the seeds of watermelon, blueberry and rosehip.
The face mask is applied with a cosmetic spatula. It is recommended to stand on the face for about half an hour. Many women recommend leaving it longer, up to 45 minutes.
Free Europe and USA shipping. UK orders temporarily suspended because of Brexit.

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