11 interesting activities that protect and preserve the brain

11 interesting activities that protect and preserve the brain
Any kind of hobby will make any life in any year of life more interesting and interesting. The hobby is extremely useful in old age. In addition, laughing and laughing is a great medicine for the brain and the whole body in general. Laughter is active meditation. Hobby combined with laughing and laughing is a great option to relax and remove and reduce stress. Nutrition is an important aspect for a healthy brain and better memory. Use more fruits, vegetables and wholemeal bread (rich in B vitamins). The brain needs vitamin E (it is abundant in vegetable oils and nuts). Strengthens the work of the vascular system. The brain does not tolerate too much food (because blood from the brain goes to the stomach to digest food faster). It should be eaten in moderation, giving preference to easily digestible foods. It has been observed that the food that the brain loves is suitable for the heart. Alcohol is harmful to both the heart and the brain. The brain ages by as much as 5 years if a person consumes excessive alcohol during one year — proven.

  1. Gardening – all gardening and growing fruits, vegetables and flowers is a great “food” for the brain and soul. The level of cortisol (stress hormone) is significantly and noticeably lowered. The body is additionally filled with positive energy. The risk of senility (dementia) is reduced.
  2. Cooking is also a great hobby because all the fingers of both hands are “busy” during the preparation of food and cooking. On the fingertips are biologically active points responsible for the work of the brain (among other things). The chef trains the brain by coming up with new dishes and recipes. If the chef does not read the recipes but works according to his own inertia, then the chef also trains his memory.
  3. Reading-strengthens concentration, significantly increases the range of words and phrases, develops imagination, and develops analytical skills. Reading negatives stress.
  4. Playing musical instruments – strengthens fine motor skills in the body and increases the level of intellect.
  5. Chess – while playing chess both sides of the brain are active. Strengthens memory. This is a game that specifically protects and preserves gray brain cells. Strategic thinking is being developed. Useful and great game (hobby) for all age groups.
  6. Dancing-is a great physical workout that reduces stress. Different areas of the brain actively participate in remembering and performing various dance movements.
  7. Embroidery – an interesting activity for women and men that strengthens the brain. Embroidery removes anxiety, restlessness and apathy. Embroidery is very similar to meditation. Dealing with the connection activates the parasympathetic nervous system and trains the fingers on both hands perfectly.
  8. Writing diaries and writing letters — writing poems, diaries, letters, notes in notebooks, on paper — stimulates brain function and removes stress. Occasional use of a pen (except for a computer keyboard) is extremely important for the brain.
  9. Exercise – any form of physical exercise and relaxation calms a person, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens immunity and strengthens concentration. Just ten minutes of daily exercise or complete relaxation in silence is enough for a person to feel the positive effects. The brain is then in good shape and the mood is cheerful and positive.
  10. Learning foreign languages ​​- reduces the risk of dementia. There are free educations and courses on the Internet that can be done by any person according to free time and opportunities.
  11. Nordic walking – maintains body tone and maintains mind tone.

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