A mental exercise for a tidier home, mind and life

A tidy home, desk and other rooms in the home (including storage and basement) can help keep thoughts in the head clearer and more orderly, the mind focused. A minimal number of items and things in the home can positively impact your entire life. You may be familiar with the statement: all items you haven’t moved in two years (you haven’t used those items) and all the clothes you haven’t worn in two years – should be thrown away. Taryn Williford has a different strategy and writes about it: “I almost moved to new apartment and took most of the things from the previous apartment. This whole relocation process gave me the opportunity to go through the things I own and decide if I wanted to keep them and take them to a new place or find a new “home” for them (in translation – a container). It was difficult to decide which items to keep and which. items should be discarded. One question helped: if I were shopping now, would I buy this item? Every person should imagine that he is in the store and holds that item in his hand and is ready to buy it. If a person decides to buy an item, it means that the item is needed, if the answer is “no”, it means that the item is unnecessary. It means that a certain item from the home is not needed and that item needs to be removed from the home. This can be applied to almost anything – clothing, decor, technical devices, tools, footwear, and more. http://tarynwilliford.com/
This question raises several other concurrent dilemmas:
If the item no longer suits you (for example, old pants); you should not “buy” that item;
If the item has expired (for example, an old phone); you should not “buy” that item;
If the item does not work (for example, a device that needs a large and almost unprofitable repair); you should not “buy” that item.
When a person uses this little “mental exercise” to get rid of excess things, it is easier to see what value the items bring (and do the items have any value for you at all). And with each question “Would I buy this?”, You are closer and closer to a tidy home, mind and life. “



Taryn Williford

Lifestyle Director

Atlanta, GATaryn is a homebody from Atlanta. She writes about cleaning and living well as the Lifestyle Director at Apartment Therapy. She might have helped you de-clutter your apartment through the magic of a well-paced email newsletter. Or maybe you know her from The Pickle Factory Loft on Instagram.


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