The green lily is a plant that cleans the air very well

The green lily is a plant that cleans the air very well
Many houseplants have an aesthetic and medicinal function due to their medicinal properties. Green lily or Chlorophytum is a plant with a lot of medicinal properties. This plant can significantly improve the micro-climate in the premises.

  1. Has the ability to actively clean indoor air. It very effectively neutralizes harmful substances for the human body (phenol, benzene, formaldehyde and others). These harmful substances are emitted in large quantities by modern finishing materials and plywood furniture.
  2. Experts from NASA have suggested using this propulsion system to clean the air in spaceships.
  3. The green lily has long and narrow leaves. The leaves often have white stripes- The flowers are in the form of small white and star-shaped flowers. Reproduction is simple. Nurturing the plant is also easy.
  4. The green lily in the light becomes brighter. The stripes on the leaves become more decorative. The stripes gradually disappear if the green lily grows in the shade.
  5. Chlorophytum has an excellent ability to clean indoor air. The plant can be placed in the kitchen., It is known that aerosol agents accumulate various harmful impurities and microorganisms (after cooking and surface treatment in the kitchen). For example, a switched on gas stove has a detrimental effect on the human body. Green lily neutralizes this effect by 70% to 80%. The plant also perfectly cleans smoking rooms, i.e. it cleans the air polluted with tobacco smoke and cigarettes.
  6. In a circle of about 2 kilometers around the flower, this adult plant perfectly cleans the air and destroys pathogenic micro-flora.
  7. Place several pots with a green lily in the room and at a certain distance from one pot to another pot. The air will be successfully sterilized.
  8. The use of green lily enables humidification of the air because the plant fights dust and harmful microorganisms very well. The plant creates a pleasant micro-climate in which a person breathes easily.
  9. The ability to accumulate moisture is given to plants from nature. This happens if the flower gets it in sufficient quantity. The plant should be watered regularly and fairly with water. Although the plant was considered to be resistant to moisture. The plant needs to be properly maintained to perform humidifying and air-cleaning functions.
  10. The green lily is washed in a warm shower during the warm season. This removes dirt and dirt from the leaves. This procedure allows the leaves to access oxygen.
  11. Green lily absorbs toxins excreted with synthetic materials, acetone, carbon monoxide, ammonia and other nitrogen compounds, and formaldehyde and gasoline. The green lily is a great ally for people living near roads, construction sites, highways, polluted areas and industries.
  12. Green lily is used in traditional medicine to solve health problems. This plant is useful for people who have lung problems and respiratory problems. The plant cleans o humidifies the air and fights harmful micro-organisms. This plant absorbs formaldehyde and other harmful substances indoors. It automatically makes it easier for people to breathe. You will gradually get rid of unpleasant parasites and fungi if you place a pot or a pot with a green lily in the room.

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