6 useful and medicinal recipes with nettle


6 useful and medicinal recipes with nettle

  1. Tea for cleansing the body-this is a recipe for tea that cleanses the blood and the whole body. It is necessary to put 200 ml of water to boil. Pour boiling water over a few leaves of fresh nettle. Let stand in a covered ceramic cup for 5 to 10 minutes. Then strain the mixture. Do not prepare tea in a metal bowl or cup. Use nettle tea in moderation. Never drink tea before bed. It is best to drink hot tea (not hot tea), unsweetened and in small sips. You can add honey, lemon or ginger powder to the tea. This further strengthens the body and protects the body from infection.
  2. Weight loss tea-nettle is a good choice for people who want to lose weight. Accelerates the process of detoxification of the body. It helps to excrete excess water without losing vitality and energy. Herbalists say that it is possible to lose about a kilogram and a half with the help of nettle during 3 days of use. A diet that includes this tea is not a health risk. Due to its short shelf life, it is an ideal choice for the weekend. During the diet drink a liter of nettle tea every day. Use white meat and fish. Nettle should not be overdone as it can cause dehydration or electrolyte loss (due to excessive urination). Make tea from fresh or dried nettle leaves. Add one tablespoon of the plant’s leaves to the boiling water. Leave on low heat for a maximum of 5 minutes. Cool the tea and drink it in small sips during the day.
  3. Tea against hair loss-this remedy is one of the best natural remedies against hair loss. Nettle nourishes the hair root with vitamins and minerals that encourage faster hair growth. Nettle is an excellent remedy against dandruff and has no irritating effect on the skin. Nettle tea can be used daily to strengthen hair. In a very short period, the hair is shinier, much thicker, silkier and healthier. Cook a few fresh nettle leaves. Choose nettles that grow in isolated natural terrain. About 2 liters of tea are needed to wash your hair. For one glass of water, go one tablespoon of dried nettle leaves. Make tea like any other tea. Let stand for at least 45 minutes. Strain. Wash your hair with this tea. Gently massage the tea into the hair starting from the root of the head. Then wrap the hair in a towel or foil to retain the nutrient and penetrate deeper into the hair root.
  4. Prostate tea. Nettle root tea is used to treat prostate tissue (reduced inflammation in the urinary tract) or for other inflammatory processes in the body. Boil 20 grams of nettle root for 10 minutes in 500 ml of water. Strain the drink. Drink 3 times a day before main meals.
  5. Nettle juice – about 30 freshly picked young nettle tops put in water. Add 2 lemons and 3 sliced ​​oranges and 80 grams of natural sweetener. You can add water as desired. Add less water for stronger juice or more water for weaker juice. Then mash all the ingredients. The juice is ready to use.
  6. Nettle combines well with other plants – nettle is often combined with other medicinal plants (green oats, raspberry leaf and others). These mixtures can be effective for the body due to the combination of various compounds. Adrenal gland tea is a combination of nettle leaves and adaptogenic plants (known as superherbs) because they have the ability to coordinate the body’s response to various mental, physical and biological stimuli (external and internal). They help the body recover from stress and adrenal fatigue. Uterine tea contains nettle leaf, alfalfa and raspberry and some other herbs. Tea actually nourishes the uterus. For normal iron levels during pregnancy or after a monthly cycle, iron tea with iron is a mixture of nettle and other herbs that contain iron. It is used to strengthen the body. A carefully thought-out blend of tea from the leaves called, echinacea, alfalfa, raspberry and nettle, astralagus root and lemon balm leaf is a tea for immunity and allergies.


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