12 tips for removing unpleasant odors in the home


12 tips for removing unpleasant odors in the home


The presence of unpleasant odors in the premises of the home does not often depend on the people who stay in that house. There are, however, simple and affordable ways to clean the air in homes.

  1. The smell of tobacco smoke is most common in every home. This unpleasant odor can be easily removed. Mix moist sand with Provencal fragrant herbs (lavender, rose, etc.). Keep in the ashtray. The smell will slowly disappear.
  2. Numerous chemicals (glue, laminate, wallpaper, paint for bowls, oil paint for radiators, etc.) remain long after the room renovation process. Ordinary soap helps eliminate these odors. Grate or grate or pour your favorite scented soap into cubes. Put pieces of soap on small plates. Put plates in all rooms of the home. The aroma of the soap will gradually expel unpleasant odors from the room.
  3. Unpleasant odors remain after the renovation of the premises and the purchase of new furniture. These odors are specific and harmful to health. For example, plywood furniture, panel materials, laminate floors (laminate) contain harmful formaldehyde. The smells of new floors and varnished surfaces are also harmful. Neutralize unpleasant odors with aromatic fresheners and odor absorbers.
  4. To remove odors caused by greasy and oily paints or other lacquered surfaces, use a container of water into which you pour salt. Let the solution be concentrated, ie thick. Keep this container in the room. Change the water periodically with new clean water.
  5. Salt in dry solution removes chemical odors in the home. Pour the table on small plates. Arrange the plates on the rooms in the home.
  6. Good cleansers are green or black tea. Arrange small tea bags on tables, cabinets, shelves, bedside tables, etc. Remove after seven days.
  7. The new refrigerator evaporates the smell of plastic for a long time. It can be plugged in and left without food for a month. Then the smell of plastic will evaporate. Another option is to wash the outside and inside of the refrigerator with a solution of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, which neutralizes all unpleasant odors. There may be unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator. Put baking soda mixed with rice. Pour this mixture into a bowl with holes in the lid. Put in the fridge. Change the mixture once in fifteen days.
  8. The unpleasant smell of mold or rot on the wall is removed by treating the wall with water with the addition of bleach.
  9. The carpet from which the unpleasant smell evaporates will be fresh again if you rub the carpet with baking soda. Then vacuum them.
  10. Put 20-25 tablets of activated charcoal on paper (activated charcoal is bought in all pharmacies without a prescription). This will remove unpleasant odors in the bathroom. The bathroom will always have fresh and pleasant air. Change the tablets once a month.
  11. Pour the coffee grounds into the drain with water pipes. This will eliminate all unpleasant odors from the pipe.
  12. Old furniture has the smell of patina and antiquity. Rub the furniture with a wet cloth soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate (hypermanganese). Arrange the dried citrus peel on shelves and drawers. Or pour vanilla sugar on the plates you keep on the shelves of the closet. Put a small cup of ground coffee or flavored bath salt in the cupboard. Boil water with vinegar in a bowl. Place it next to an open shelf or display case. Ventilate the room well. You can rub old furniture with salt and inside also with a solution of water and a higher concentration of vinegar.


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