20 effective stylist tips suitable for every wardrobe


20 effective stylist tips suitable for every wardrobe
Fashion stylists give advice that is valid at every opportunity and lasts for years.

  1. Buy quality clothes in neutral colors. Neutral colors of clothing are suitable for all seasons. They can be conveniently combined on several occasions.
  2. Wear a garment in which you feel good. Sometimes it’s good to ignore trends. One should wear clothes in which the person feels good. In general, reduce the number of garments. More is not necessarily better (in the closet).
  3. Don’t use the psychology of sales. A full-price garment in a wardrobe (wardrobe) will probably not be valid even at a reduced price.
  4. Get a garment in the so-called “animal print”. Cheetah, snakeskin and similar patterns always look chic if used in moderation.
  5. Invest in good fashion accessories (hats, scarves, shawls, bags, etc.).
  6. Show the best foreign figures (e.g. cleavage, skinny legs, etc.). Add a little color as well.
  7. When almost the entire wardrobe is based on neutral colors – then it is necessary to have some clothing items in cheerful shades to “lift” every look – stylists advise.
  8. A fashion rule dictates that there should be basic items in every closet. Basic items are classic clothing items that are easy to combine. These are white shirts, cotton T-shirts, black pants and blouses. This wardrobe should take up 35% of each closet / closet.
  9. Everyday garments are pieces of clothing that we use very often (for example, shoes, sneakers and T-shirts). This type of wardrobe should take up 20% of the space in the closet.
  10. You can combine business clothes, a classic jacket, skirt and trousers with more demanding pieces and simple dresses. These garments should take up 20% of the total closet space.
  11. Seasonal items are coats, raincoats, bathing suits and similar items that we use depending on the season. About 10% of the total space is needed for these items.
  12. Clothes for evening outings (like cocktail dresses or high-heeled shoes) should be 10% of the closet space.
  13. Various fashion accessories and jewelry (like earrings and belts) are at the top of the pyramid. They should take up about 5% of the wardrobe.
  14. The complete opposite of the formal code is a casual way of dressing. Casual style of dress is popular for most people because that way they have a choice in dress. The casual way of dressing implies various combinations (jeans, skirts and other clothing items). A casual dress code has rules. For example, an employee on clothing must not have an inscription that could be offensive in nature.
  15. The “smart casual” way of dressing also allows for numerous fashion accessories. A shirt, pants, sweater and a beautiful necklace will be the perfect fashion choice for a business day. Some companies allow a casual way of dressing on certain days during the week. Thus, most law firms allow employees to wear clothes of their choice on Fridays (jeans or otherwise). Such companies usually prescribe a combination of business-casual way of dressing, which for example is valid for all days of the week except Friday. Every fashion choice should be well thought out because the person in that outfit will spend the whole day.
  16. Items in the royal blue shade are a versatile and impressive fashion item. You will often see these items in street style reports from the world’s fashion metropolises as it is very difficult not to notice a lady in a cobalt blue suit or skirt in this shade and white shirt. In addition, they look very elegant and striking, even in the form of a fashion accessory. Luxurious, and yet so sophisticated, this shade will look great on any occasion. For walks around the city, choose a blazer in this shade, which will create an effective, yet so relaxed and cool look with jeans. For going to work – the previously mentioned suit or midi skirt that you can emphasize with a light blue shirt and mustard accessories. For evening combinations, choose slip dresses in this shade that will create an elegant look with black fashion accessories. This shade offers many more wearable, unobtrusive, and elegant style options.
  17. For the spring, summer and fall seasons, you can choose beige pants that reach to the lower leg and have wide legs. These pants, combined with a high waist, will further lengthen the legs. The pants also have a belt that will emphasize the waist. The possibilities of combining these pants are endless. Beige color and casual style open up many options. The pants model can pass in all occasions. For a relaxed summer walk, you can combine pants with a knitted top in a neutral color, summer shoes with a full heel and a large hat that would protect from the sun and give a slightly mysterious look. However, it is only one of a million possible variants.
  18. In case you want to shine in a more formal occasion, you can combine the pants with a slightly finer linen shirt, sandals with a high heel and open heel, and a slightly more serious handbag. You will look decent and you will not die from the heat. These pants are real invest. Wide-leg pants are suitable for business and more serious looks. But if you don’t have a model’s body, these pants are difficult to combine without emphasizing imperfections on the body. Fans of high-waisted pants can make a combination with high-heeled shoes. The look will be great. Break the monotony of white with a striking piece of jewelry and sunglasses. Even in white pants with torn knees, you can look businesslike and well-groomed. Add an elegant jacket to the look, as well as a bag and shoes in nude shades. Bells are practical in summer because they are not clinging to the foot and allow the skin to breathe. This combination is made complete by a red bag, which attracts attention. You can easily combine white pants with sneakers. Casual footwear gives a touch of urban style to this outfit.
  1. There are no restrictions in adding details and refreshing the white combination – a striking brightly colored bag, lots of jewelry, a top with a print give a trendy and sophisticated look. White pants are an indispensable piece in any wardrobe, because they are easily styled with other colors, patterns and accessories. The combination is countless because this item easily fits with other clothes from the closet.
  2. Summer “must have” clothing items are maxi dresses, knitted tops and palazzo pants. Fluttery and long dresses are a classic. Stripes are very popular, and the favorite are definitely the floral summer patterns. Each color of an item of clothing is an absolute hit because it depends on personal affinity (for example, neutral, pastel, summer bright colors, etc.). Crochet or knitted top are always trendy. They are a great choice for an evening out or a full day at the beach. They are very effective and easy to combine. Along with these tops, you can also choose one of the knitted bags that are a very popular accessory during the summer. Flared summer pants with wide legs and a deep waist have been a favorite for several seasons. These pants perfectly emphasize the waist and make the legs visually longer, and they look especially good in the striped, black and white variant.

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