10 health benefits of using water with honey and cinnamon


10 health benefits of using water with honey and cinnamon
Honey, water and cinnamon is a powerful and healing combination. This drink will invigorate and cleanse the whole body. It has a preventive effect and strengthens immunity. The recipe for preparing honey water with cinnamon is simple: one large spoon of natural honey is dissolved in one glass of warm water (not hot at all). Then add the cinnamon. This water has been valued since ancient times because it contains 30% honey. Therefore, the structure of this water is equated with the structure of blood plasma. It is necessary to grab honey with a wooden spoon. Stir vigorously to dissolve the honey completely.

  1. Warm honey water stored at room temperature helps in better digestion of food. This is a great driver for “lazy guts”. It will clean the intestines of parasites. It will not allow parasites to stay longer and multiply in the intestines.
  2. Water with honey will improve the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
  3. This simple drink is great for boosting immunity. The healing process goes from the colon where water with honey begins to break down fecal deposits.
  4. Restores the complete intestinal micro-flora. Eliminates the possibility of serious health problems (for example, dys-bacterial intestines).
  5. It relieves the kidneys and bladder during the night. Because honey collects water. This is extremely good against nocturnal urination in children. Uncontrolled urination is solved in a completely painless and simple way and without medication.
  6. Water strengthens the body. Stops water leaking from the nose. Prevents viruses and cures bronchitis. Because honey has an antioxidant effect.
  7. It is effective against bacterial and fungal infections. Water should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. It is drunk at once or in several small sips. The goal is for water to get from the stomach to the intestines as soon as possible to start the process of cleansing the body.
  8. Water with honey from the epic in the morning because honey gives the body the energy it needs for the rest of the day.
  9. A mixture of honey and cinnamon has always been used in alternative medicine and modern medicine. Honey pours all kinds of diseases but without complications. Modern medicine says that diabetics can also use honey in certain doses, even though honey is sweet. A mixture of honey, water and cinnamon can be drunk every morning before breakfast and at night before bed. Regular intake of this drink reduces fat deposits and body weight. This mixture does not allow the accumulation of fat in the body.
  10. Water with honey and cinnamon has the effect of cleansing the digestive tract. It destroys parasites and bacteria that slow down the digestion process. This combination is important for heart problems. It is recommended to spread the mixture on a piece of bread every morning. This breakfast lowers the level of cholesterol in the arteries. Prevents heart attacks or heart attacks. Regular consumption improves breathing and strengthens the heart muscle.










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