5 tips for harmony in every home

5 tips for harmony in every home
Ancient Chinese healers treated the cause of disease and energy imbalance in the human body. With a balance of 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood), the strength of the body and the energy of the spirit are preserved. This can always be applied to the home and all the rooms in each household.

  1. Water (Vertical) – water monitors the work of the kidneys, urinary tract, reproductive organs, sciatica, swelling and nervous system disorders. The two main sources of water in the household are the kitchen and the bathroom. The water (and the environment) should be clean and should not be cluttered with unnecessary objects. Water should not leak from the tap and the tap because the life force of people goes away with the water. The interior of all rooms should be dominated by green, light green and turquoise. It is desirable that vertical lines predominate (e.g. stripes on wallpaper, chairs with high backs, stripes on the shower enclosure, etc.). Pots with neat plants placed in the northern part of the home bring a special harmony.
  2. Metal (Fish) -metal manages the lungs, colon, allergic reactions and skin diseases. Chinese medicine claims that too strict an order kills creativity and harms human health. Fun and relaxation will balance the Metal element. In the northwest corner of the home, place a rest area or armchair, a comfortable bed or sofa and similar items. It is desirable that this part of the home be dimmed with dark gray shades (without iron objects and without electrical devices). Set up an aquarium or vase with live flowers. You should have at least one black fish in that part of the home. A wooden figure is also appropriate. Take frequent breaks, rest and lie on the bed watching the aquarium or meditating watching the aquarium or a wooden figure of a black fish and listening to music to relax.
  3. Fire (Peace) – this element helps to solve problems with the heart, cardiovascular system, speech, small intestine, excessive irritability, insomnia and forgetfulness. The main recommendation is to bring your own life in order. There should be space in the home for several home appliances that over-amplify the energy of the Fire. In that part, set up some soothing image avoiding images of water and activity. In the southern part of the apartment it is desirable to place a desk or a collection of books. It is an important item for harmony in the home and good health.
  4. Wood (Lightness) – contributes to the health of the liver and bile, strengthens vision, balances and coordinates mobility, tendon condition, joints and facilitates women’s menstrual cycles. Life should be viewed more relaxed. Give preference to light furniture (wicker or wicker furniture) instead of large antique wardrobes, closets and huge items in the interior. You can paint the home in a reddish or orange shade and amplify the light source. Choose a triangular pattern fabric for curtains, screens and furniture. An orange candle or lamp with a red lampshade placed in the eastern part of the home is a beautiful and harmonious element for the whole family. Light the lamp often.
  5. Earth (Order) – this element is responsible for the work of the digestive tract, digestion, pancreas, spleen, immunity, lymphatic system, spine, and excess (or lack) of body weight. A person needs to get rid of guilt for this element of the earth to be balanced. Discard all trash from the home. Do a general cleaning. Throw away all unnecessary items from the home. Pay special attention to the living room and bedroom. Make a balance between free and occupied space. Place a round metal object in the center of the home in a visible location (for example, a rare coin or a decorative plate or similar).

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