Emerald is a green stone that gives peace and well-being


Emerald is a green stone that gives peace and well-being
The name “emerald” comes from the Greek word “emerald” which means “green stone”. Emerald stone is a transparent type of beryl painted with a light green color. Dark green emerald is the most valuable stone. The color is inspired by the addition of chrome. The ideal stone combines bright saturated color and transparency. An emerald is a stone that has magical powers. The future can be read in its luminous aspects. There is such a belief among people. A person who uses this stone can predict / predict the future. Relieves sadness and hypochondria. The emerald was a favorite stone of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The famous mines of Queen Cleopatra were the places from which the emerald stone was mined. This stone calms a person. It gives happiness and joy.


7 truths about emerald:

  1. The emerald is the protector of travelers and mothers. It is a stone of wisdom, hope and composure.
  2. The emerald has tremendous energy. The bearer of this stone has prosperity, happiness, peace of mind, physical health and longevity.
  3. An emerald framed with gold protects against infectious diseases, love spells, and insomnia.
  4. Epileptic seizures have been treated with this stone in Georgia. Epileptic seizures were believed to disappear if the patient stared at the stone.
  5. Observing the stone before bed has a beneficial effect on sleep and restful sleep. Contributes to a slight drop in body pressure as well
    calms the nervous system.
  6. Changes will be good and positive if a person dreams of an emerald.
  7. This stone develops intuition. It is suitable for people born in the zodiac sign Pisces and Cancer.

Medicinal properties of green stones
The effect of each green stone is different. Green is the color of nature that restores strength and relaxes. This color is individualized for excessive excitement, irritability, fatigue and nervous breakdown. This color suits people who have lost their own faith. It suits hysterical people who otherwise like prestige. The color green makes a person’s appearance significant and important.

  1. Green normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system in medicine. It relieves strong heartbeats. It cures arrhythmia. Stabilizes blood pressure and nervous system functions.
  2. Green works effectively against headaches and eye strain. Increased visual acuity. Normalizes intraocular pressure. It helps with inflammatory processes in the eyes.
  3. Green color enhances the hypnotic effect. Reduces nausea while driving. It somewhat enhances the effect of painkillers.
  4. Green stones are recommended for eye treatment. During the treatment of myopia, in addition to therapy, it is good to have green jade or chrysoprase (a green rather convex stone of medium size). You should look at the stone daily and concentrated for 20 minutes. Separate yourself from other thoughts.
  5. All kinds of green stones (jade, emerald, malachite and chrysoprase) have always been valued and used by people.
  6. The energy of green stones harmonizes the work of the heart. Contributes to emotional release. It relieves old mental traumas.

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