6 tips for restoring your own energy


6 tips for restoring your own energy
Living in a new reality in an age of limited mobility and online jobs and schooling brings new experiences. Everyday responsibilities draw energy and mental health. There are ways that each person can quickly replenish energy.

  1. The day should start unburdened, calm and with more focus – the morning is the best time of the day. Listen and register your own feelings after waking up. Write down your feelings without much thought. That way, the day will start calmer, more focused and unburdened.
  2. Touch is important – any prayer position is a great way to facilitate the flow of energy. In such hand movements, energy points are connected. Fold your hands in a prayer position. Then place your hands on your heart. Or lower your palm to the center of your chest. Keep your hands in this position for a few moments.
  3. 5 minutes in a certain part of the home – each person has a favorite part of the home, balcony, yard or terrace. Spend at least 5 minutes every day in that corner of the home. It can be a favorite armchair. Stay away from all sources that cause frustration (phone, alarm clock, TV, etc.).
  4. Sitting on the ground in a physical and emotional sense restores peace of mind and focus on one’s own being. It helps to touch the floor with your palms or bend your body forward. Leaning on solid ground restores mental balance.
  5. Pause is important – the human brain cannot hold focus for more than 90 minutes. That’s why you take breaks every 90 minutes – if you have this option. Every person should let their thoughts wander and daydream.
  6. Moments for meditation without interference from the environment – these moments feed the soul and help to solve daily obligations. Observe things that give comfort and calm. Spend some time with your pet (no interference from the environment). This is necessary in a busy everyday life.


Books: “The New Adolescence” by Christine Carter


Just Be You by Mallika Chopra


Let Your Fears Make You Fierce by Koya Webb



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