6 effective beauty treatments at home


6 effective beauty treatments at home
Many people today perform beauty treatments (and procedures) at home for fear of contracting the virus. Good rooms are a bathroom or dining room or living room. The procedures are simple and suitable for all age groups.

  1. Algae mask – used for tightness and elasticity of facial skin. Masks made of red and brown algae are used (because they contain alginate). The effect of use is immediately noticeable. Chop one tablespoon of seaweed into a powder. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of water to make the algae swell. Add one or two drops of essential oil, one capsule of vitamin A and one capsule of vitamin E (purchased at all pharmacies) and one capsule of hyaluronic acid. Add a little flour for density. Apply the mask on your face and lie on the bed (because the mask is leaking down your face). Hold for half an hour. Remove the mask with a damp piece of cotton wool. Rinse face with colder water.
  2. Wraps with healing mud-healing mud or special body masks strengthen circulation, strengthen skin tone, correct unevenness and make the skin of the body elastic. Apply the mud in a thin layer on the problematic parts of the body. Wrap with cling film. Wrap the body in a warm blanket. Be in a supine position for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the mud with warm water. Apply moisturizing lotion / body cream.
  3. Self-massage with vacuum – in beauty salons, various massage techniques are used to increase tone and strengthen circulation. Ordinary silicone jars have the same effect at home. They are used to fight cellulite, strengthen lymph flow and release excess fluid from the body. Lubricate the body with massage oil. “Glue” the jar to the problem area. This creates a vacuum. Then move the jar slightly over the body (skin) without separating the jar from the body. It is important that the jar is in one place. The procedure takes about ten minutes. After the massage, apply any anti-cellulite cream. Massage of the armpits, lymph nodes and inner thighs is not recommended. Massage is contraindicated for varicose veins, tumor and thrombophlebitis.
  4. Peeling for the face with fruit-enzyme-based peeling is a good alternative for deep cleansing of the skin on the face. Herbal ferments (in berries and other fruits) help to get rid of comedones (small pimples on the face). They help for excessive glow of oily skin, inflammatory processes on the skin, against pigment spots and enlarged pores on the face. Many peels contain papain, which contains papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi and banana. Make a porridge from the fruit with the seeds. Put the mask on your face for 3 to 7 minutes. Rinse face with warm water. It is desirable to use this peeling a maximum of three times a week.
  5. Packaging with paraffin – the skin of women’s hands is exposed to the greatest influence of chemicals (cleaning and washing agents), lack of moisture in the body, sunlight and wind. Paraffin packaging can be done in beauty salons and at home. You need paraffin that can be bought in all pharmacies (without a prescription), skin peeling, nourishing cream, a brush for applying paraffin, disposable nylon gloves, a terry towel or one-finger gloves. The hand peeling should be done first. Use a special hand scrub or a face and body scrub. Rub your hands until dry. Then spread the cream on your hands. Melt the paraffin in water vapor. Cool and apply carefully to your hands with a brush. Put gloves on. Wrap your hands in a towel or woolen gloves with one finger. Hold for 20 minutes. Carefully remove paraffin gloves. Perform the procedure on both hands at the same time if you have a home helper.
  6. Packs of paraffin for hard feet – in all pharmacies there are disposable packs of paraffin. They are used for foot care and remove dead skin cells and hard skin on the feet. Keep on your feet overnight. It is easily removed in the morning. The skin on the feet is soft and well-groomed.








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