6 useful tips for quickly gaining positivism


6 useful tips for quickly gaining positivity
Stress is often accompanied by insomnia and difficult sleep. There are days when levels of stress and tension can intensify. Then you need to act wisely. Lack of sleep can cause more problems. Negative thinking brings negative energy. Negative energy intensifies more with constant spinning in a circle. There are useful tips that reduce distraction, fear, anxiety. With these helpful tips the body and mind can be maintained in balance especially during bad periods.


5 effective anti-stress tips:

  1. Turning on the alarm before bed gives enough time for all morning activities. There is no need for a rush that only brings trouble.
  2. Listening to quiet and relaxing music. Such music has a relaxing effect and restores optimism.
  3. All day or part of the day without digital technology and technical devices in the environment (mobile phone, tablet, computer, applications and social networks).
  4. Breathing exercises are useful: inhale air for 4 seconds – exhale air for 8 seconds. Do the exercise often and slowly.
  5. Valerian tea. Preparation Pour 2.5 grams with 250 ml of water. Leave for 15 minutes. Valerian in the form of tincture is most often used in a maximum dose of 10 grams.
  6. Saffron is an excellent anti-depressant. Soak 30 grams of saffron in warm water. This drink quickly cures depression. It is not desirable to use more than 30 grams of this spice. Saffron can be used for a long time without any consequences.

Avoiding useless and unnecessary activities:

  1. Less watching news or violent bedtime TV shows and disturbing programs.
  2. Do not use your phone or other electronic devices in bed before bed.
  3. Don’t plan various extravagances with eating in the kitchen. During a bad day, the rule is – simpler is always better.
  4. Do not drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages that prevent good sleep and quality sleep.



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