White truffle is the most expensive mushroom with a powerful rejuvenating effect


White truffle (tuber magnatum) is the most expensive mushroom with a powerful rejuvenating effect
Due to its medicinal properties and fine taste, white truffle is the most expensive mushroom in the world. The juice of this fungus has been used for centuries in alternative medicine and for the successful treatment of vision and eye diseases. It has a strong antioxidant and regenerative effect. White truffle extract is an effective effect for vision correction. Mushroom juice is used to treat leukemia (corneal cancer), eye infections (viral, bacterial and fungal), glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, dry eye syndrome, trachoma (infectious chronic inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the eye), retinitis pigmentosa (which cause blindness), and acute or horny conjunctivitis. Scientists from Europe have discovered that white truffles have powerful rejuvenating effects (because white truffles are the richest source of almost the entire spectrum of vitamin B responsible for skin youth). That is why this fungus is often called “Macropoulos remedy”. In addition to B vitamins, the juice also contains vitamins A, C, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, sodium, selenium and essential oils.
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) -prevents premature skin aging and irons wrinkles on the face.
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – speeds up metabolic processes, soothes inflammatory conditions, gives the skin radiance, and healthy color.
Vitamin B3 (vitamin PP or niacin) – protects blood vessels and capillaries, actively participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, prevents the appearance of pellagra disease (rough skin).
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) -prevents dermatitis. Pyridoxine participates in protein synthesis. Regulates the level of amino acid assimilation.
Vitamin B9 (folic acid) – protects the skin from the harmful effects of bad ecology. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Reduces acne and pimples.
Vitamin B10 (para-aminobenzoic acid) – a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from damage from the sun’s rays. It slows down aging.
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) – accelerates microcirculation and metabolic processes in the blood. Promotes faster delivery of nutrients to the right locations.
White truffle juice helps to restore the optic nerve. Resolves allergic reactions caused by dust and sand.
Other useful properties of white truffle extract are:
-has an antibiotic effect
-improves the absorption of iron and calcium
-participates in building muscle mass
-strengthens the immune system
-normalizes digestion
-increases sexual function
-cleans blood vessels
-reduces old age
-helps against toxicosis of pregnant women
-Relieves pain in joints and muscles
-is used in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies
-resolves gout
-improves reproductive function
Fresh white truffle juice has a simple recipe at home. Lamb mushrooms with a blender. Squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. Freshly squeezed juice is stored only in the freezer. It is used in small doses. Another way to prepare at home, Grind dry white truffles. Add a little water to the powder. This juice is used for cosmetic use (face mask) and pre-oral use. It is best to use the essence from the pharmacy to treat ophthalmic problems. Because only in laboratory conditions it is possible to make a sterile medicine for the treatment of eye diseases.

The Croatian region of Istria is world famous for its truffles. One of the largest truffles ever harvested in the world, weighing about 1.31 kg, has grown in Istria. He was found by Istrian caterer Giancarlo Zigante and his bitch Diana on November 2, 1999, not far from Buje. It is listed in the famous Guinness Book of Records as the largest truffle ever found in the world.
The Guinness truffle is made of bronze. The replica is on display at the local Zigante truffles store in Livade. You can see it here while exploring Istria on the way from Vižinada or Buzet to Motovun and further all the way to Oprtalj.


Zigante’s white truffle, called the Millennium, could fetch the price of gold in the market. But the spirit of harmony and togetherness, so typical of this area, intended a different fate. It was prepared and consumed in Istria, where it was found. World record events and celebrations helped make the small town of Livade recognizable as the world’s truffle center.The huge white truffle from Italy, which is claimed to be the largest in the world, was sold at auction in 2014 in New York for $ 61,250, Sotheby’s auction house announced.
The 1.89-pound truffle was bought by a buyer who participated in the auction by phone.Still, Guinness still has Zigante’s white truffle found near Buje in Istria in 1999, weighing 1.31 kg, on its record pages. In the meantime, another specimen larger than that (1.5 kg near Pisa) was found, but was not entered in the record book.White truffles are among the most expensive delicacies in the world.

In 2018, in the settlement of Smetovi near the town of Zenica (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), ecologists and mountaineers found white truffles (tuber magnatum) weighing 115 grams. Other ecologists, amateur botanists and mountaineers from Zenica have also found this precious mushroom in this area over the years.
White truffle grows below the surface of the earth to a depth of 30 cm, has the smell of garlic or cheese. The Istrians searched for mushrooms with the help of trained pigs. The pigs often ate the catch before the picker appeared. That is why the searchers from Istria started the search with the help of trained dogs. The harvest in Istria takes place in September and October.This mushroom is added to dishes in small quantities. It has miraculous power and serves as an aphrodisiac. The quality of this precious mushroom depends on the tree near which it was found. Ecologists from Zenica found the mushroom near the hazelnut. There are white and black truffles (whose price is 10 times lower than the price of white truffles). For uninformed pickers and amateur pickers, the precautionary rule applies because caution is never enough.




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