8 medicinal tree species that neutralize negative energy from the body

8 medicinal tree species that neutralize negative energy from the body
Tree therapy or dendro-therapy has been known since ancient times. This therapy involves hugging with trees. This act relieves stress and releases the accumulated negative energy from the body. It is a type of grounding because negative ions from the human body go to the ground. It is important that negative energy (otherwise the cause of many diseases) becomes neutral. Walking barefoot on the ground and grass gives people a similar effect.

Oak- has excellent properties as an anti-stress therapy. Activates circulation. It reduces the time to health improvement. An excellent generator of positive energy. Gives vitality and longevity.
Pine- calms and eliminates mental tension. More frequent and longer stay in the pine forest solves and reduces bronchial asthma, cough, sneezing and similar diseases. The energy of the body is completely renewed during sitting under the wrinkles. Pine affects light and vitality, longevity and vitality. It mediates the transfer of information to water or glass.
Beech-stronger resistance to stress. Strengthens concentration. It has a beneficial effect on circulation. Reduces swelling and inflammatory processes of the skin. It balances mental health. It affects the potential for expressing emotions. Beech is the main conductor of cosmic radiation.
Chestnut-relieves rheumatic ailments. Eliminates insomnia. It removes fear and tension of various origins.
Ash-calms the mind. Rubbing with ash bark removes warts. Ash is often called the “father of trees” inhabited by special spirits that absorb disease.
Willow-gives vital energy to the elderly and sick. It is believed that the smoke created by burning willow calms and guides the souls of the dead.
Hawthorn-gives balance. Strengthens concentration. It connects people with inner wisdom. It strengthens the spiritual knowledge and deep emotions of an individual.
Walnut-develops self-confidence. It has very dynamic energies. It develops the ability to distinguish illusion from truth.

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