Healing therapy of hugs with various types of trees

Healing therapy of hugs with various types of trees
Dendrotherapy is an increasingly popular therapy that advocates tree hugs. Dendrotherapists recommend a tree with a smooth trunk. A distorted and irregular trunk indicates poor energy. For therapy, the tree is a little more distant from other trees. A tree that is not close to other trees is enough. Such a tree absorbs and accumulates more energy than trees in a dense forest. That is why the energy of a lone tree is more effective. A tree is a source of positive energy and good health if a person feels the warmth that fills the whole body and hands. The person in mind and head should greet the tree and ask the tree for help.
Dendrotherapy is today part of modern medicine and the treatment process in many countries around the world (for example, the Scandinavian countries). This type of therapy was used by ancient Chinese thinkers (Taoists). They claimed that the trees were in constant meditation. They use the most subtle energies during mutual communication. Hugs with trees are a holistic healing from nature. It is based on the primordial connection of man with nature. It is also based on the beneficial effects of nature on the mental and physical health of people. Oak, birch and pine are considered to be the best types of trees that fill people with positive energy and give vitality.
The person needs to breathe properly. Then he feels the spill of the energy of the tree which is converted into bodily bio-energy. The tree should be hugged with the front of the body if there are problems with internal organs. Hugs should not last longer than 20 minutes. Trees are a good indicator of human health. If the trees in your yard are in poor condition then it is a good sign to the owner that something is wrong. There are records that girls in pre-Christian times hugged birch to make marriage, life and marriage good and happy. The pregnant women were sitting under a linden tree. Wounded soldiers sat under an oak tree to gain strength to heal their wounds. For headaches and headaches, a person should approach an oak, rest his forehead on an oak tree or with a diseased part of the head and hug the hrats. Vidars recommend hugs with trees, sitting under trees and climbing trees. Thus the power of the trees is exchanged with the individual. Tree hugs can be effective in treating arthritis and superficial injuries. The sore spot should be placed against the bark of the tree. Glue your back and arms to the tree if the person feels sad, sad, or moody.
Tree treatment procedure:

  1. Relax and close your eyes.
  2. Inhalation and retention of air in the lights.
  3. Exhale. Pause until the next sigh. Then the lungs are empty.
  4. The session with the trees lasts 10 to 15 minutes. It takes place at the same time every day if the possibilities allow. Or when a person feels pain and tension.
  5. This session gives positive energy.
    The structure of man is actually similar to the structure of a tree. The roots are in the feet. The torso and legs are a tree. Hands are branches. The feet hold the entire weight of the body. At the same time, they bind the body to the force of the Earth. The feet are a kind of ground wire. People’s connection to the soil means rooting. All forms of energy work require a firm root. A person moves strongly through life depending on the firmness of the rootedness. The importance is to be more rooted because the person has more balance. Such energy of balance increases the energy of self-healing. Vital and life energy is more in balance if the individual is more deeply rooted in the Earth.
    That is why hugging with trees is the most beneficial exercise for preserving the immune system. It enables the establishment of a balance whose energy flows properly and without interruption through all organs in the body. This increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. Body pressure decreases. Depressive states, all psycho-somatic illnesses and a state of general dissatisfaction can be cured. It balances the work of the gland with internal secretion. It expands the awareness of one’s own being, and the surrounding events, develops inner focus, eliminates stress. It enables better results to be achieved in everyday life.
    Dendrotherapy is advised for accumulated stress. The sound of trees created by moving leaves and branches is registered by the human mind as a vibration of tone (which gives a feeling of calm). Then the vital life energy is awakened. The strength of each tree is in volume and height. Older wood has greater rooting and energy and a greater connection to the atlas. Planet Earth is an inexhaustible source of energy and strength.
    Walking barefoot on the ground and grass gives a similar effect with a hug with the trees. Electrons from the Earth neutralize free radicals in the body. And free radicals are responsible for many diseases. They create a marked change in the physiology of the human body. They harmonize and stabilize the basic biological rhythms of the body. This alleviates chronic inflammatory processes, reduces and eliminates the feeling of stress and pain. Posture improves and balance and coordination. An invigorating sleep is achieved. Fresh green grass soothes the eyes. Vision improves because the ocular nervous system is located in the feet. Walking barefoot is extremely beneficial. A natural foot massage is performed. Strengthens brain activity and rats update connections between neurons. This additionally helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


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