6 medicinal teas that have a greater hydrating effect than water


6 medicinal teas that have a greater hydrating effect than water


Science has proven that teas are better hydrating than water. Teas can be drunk daily and in all weathers. Green tea has a specific aroma so it gives a feeling of freshness. White tea has a mild aroma and neutrality, so it is used instead of water and juices. Black tea is drunk instead of coffee and for additional concentration and rest. Teas are medicinal drinks that improve health. They can be drunk hot or cold with various additives (honey, lemon, lime, ice, etc.).

  1. Tea with apples – eight tablespoons of water and 50 grams of sugar, cook at a low temperature until it becomes a syrup of the desired density. Pour 500 ml of boiling water over two bags of Indian tea. Leave for 5 minutes. Take out the tea bags. In a wide glass, add one tablespoon of sugar syrup, a few thin slices of apple and pour over with Indian tea. Add lemon slices and lsit fresh mint.
  2. Pour black tea-5 tea bags with one liter of boiling water. Take out the tea bags. Keep the drink at room temperature. Add the juice of one lemon and honey.
  3. Beverage with green tea – pour 1200 bags of green tea with 1200 ml of boiling water. Take out the tea bags after 5 minutes. Add the juice to 2 lemons. Add the juice of 4 oranges and grapefruit. Moisten the edge of the glass and dip it in sugar. Pour hot or chilled drink.
  4. Drink with apricot and green tea – cook two apricots without a basket at a low temperature for about 5 minutes. Allow to cool. Pour this water over a bag of green tea. Cover the dish. Add boiled apricots to the tea.
  5. Drink with lime and green tea – pour one bag of green tea with 200 ml of boiling water. Leave for 5 minutes at room temperature. Take out the tea and add the peel of the grated lime and half of the orange.
  6. Hibiscus tea – pour 250 ml of boiling water over a bag of hibiscus tea. Leave for 5 minutes and then take out the tea. Add one tablespoon of honey and the juice of one orange. A cold or hot beverage can be used.





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