A diamond is a protector of life, power and property


A diamond is a protector of life, power and property
The crystalline modification of carbon is a diamond. It is the hardest natural mineral. The word “diamond” has its roots in Arabic (“almas” in Arabic means the hardest) and Greek (“adamas” in Greek means indestructible and irresistible). It symbolizes chastity and purity. It has great inner energy. It is believed that a diamond can ward off bad dreams.
The ocean floor off the coast of Namibia is strewn with real and original diamonds (like diamonds mined from mines). These diamonds on the ocean floor arrived carried by rivers during a millennial natural process. Divers take diamonds out of the sea by hand without harming the environment. These “sea diamonds” have been used for decades. These diamonds were especially popularized by the American Baylee Zwart. Zwart is the American founder of luxury sustainable jewelry Azlee. Zwart is also a diamond expert who shows the world beautiful diamonds and diamond ornaments that are not “bloody diamonds”. By the way, Russia and the Republic of South Africa are the world’s largest producers of diamonds.
10 interesting facts about diamond

  1. Every person should receive a diamond without coercion or violence. This stone then has the greatest power. It gives the owner courage and firmness.
  2. Strengthens the weak heart. Alleviates inflammatory processes.
  3. It has a mild effect on diseases of the liver, lungs, stomach, kidneys and bladder.
  4. Strengthens brain function. It has a beneficial effect against sclerosis, paralysis. It has a rejuvenating effect.
  5. Clear consciousness and mind. It strengthens the sense of creativity. The diamond should be worn on the left hand or around the neck. The skin should be touched as this enhances the effect of the stone.
  6. Diamond can be used to prepare therapeutic healing water. Keep the diamond or diamond jewelry in a glass of water overnight. Drink diamond water in the morning.
  7. Gives a feeling of serenity and strengthens a good mood. It gives optimism.
  8. The Persians and Turks believed that just thinking about a diamond makes a person more insightful by giving joy and love.
  9. A diamond is the strongest love talisman because it helps singles find a soul mate.
  10. In the Zodiac, this stone is desirable for the sign “Aries”. Strengthens perseverance and self-confidence. It brings happiness. It neutralizes excessive anger and irritability. A person born in the zodiac sign of Libra and Scorpio – this stone is not suitable.
    In 1968, an artificial diamond (cubic zirconium) was created. Scientists originally planned to make material for laser equipment. However, jewelers became interested in this rhinestone because of its light effects and perfect purity. This rhinestone carries neither negative nor positive energy. It reminds me of an empty container that has yet to be filled. This crystal has the ability to remember emotions, events and thoughts. Therefore, the properties of cubic zirconia depend on the owner. This stone enhances the effect of other minerals. A powerful talisman is a stone that contains a combination of cubic zirconium and another natural mineral. Cubic zirconium is suitable for all zodiac signs from the Zodiac.





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