Hydrogen 3% successfully solves the problem of ear congestion


Hydrogen 3% successfully solves the problem of ear congestion


Ear fat and dead epithelial cells form a so-called “cerumen plug” in the ear canal. This problem is more common in the elderly due to dry skin and dandruff. Some people have excessive secretion of fat, so these blockages are created in the ears. Excessive use of ear cleaning products can also be a cause. Pushing a small stick with cotton wool disables the natural process (the ears clean themselves) and removes one part of the fat while the other part of the fat collects in the canal. Or frequent use of earphones, a longer stay in a dusty room, swimming in a pool without a hat. Symptoms of a stuffy ear include impaired hearing, wheezing, and pain. A clogged ear can get worse after showering / bathing. Fat under the pressure of water swells, deafness increases and then gradually decreases (or disappears). There is no pain then. An inflamed Eustachian tube implies a uniform intensity of constipation during the day, which does not depend on external influences.

  1. Congestion is easily resolved at home. The ear is rinsed with warm water.
  2. You can pipette a little olive oil into the ear. Tilt your head and hold for about ten minutes. Wipe the ear with a tissue. Repeat the procedure once or twice more until the rustling stops and the ear is unplugged. The pipette is bought in pharmacies.
  3. Medical hydrogen 3% is the simplest means of cleaning the ears and removing fat deposits. Drip 4 or 5 drops with a pipette into the ear. Hold for about ten minutes with your head down. Characteristic rustling means that the hydrogen reaction with the fat occurs and the fat softens. Then wipe the ear with a tissue. Usually hydrogen after the first treatment solves fat deposits in the ear very well. Repeat the procedure one more time after a few hours and the next day as needed until you feel great relief (and solve the problem of a stuffy ear).
  4. For people whose hearing is worse, hear the echo of their own voice, pain-recommendation is a visit to an ORL specialist (otolaryngologist). Because prolonged ear congestion and pain can lead to a serious problem, i.e. inflammatory processes of the ear canal or eardrum. Self-removal of fat deposits then creates a risk that the deposits go even deeper into the ears. Rinsing at home can also then cause injury to the eardrum or ear canal.

photo: http://www.bellcoglass.com

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