10 tips for better and healthier heart function


10 tips for better and healthier heart function


Due to stress, worries, high temperatures and many other reasons, it most often affects the normal work of the heart. High blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and other heart diseases occur. Therapies (and advice) from doctors and cardiologists and advice from alternative medicine can help with normal heart function and normal blood pressure.

  1. Diet-Reduced calorie intake is achieved by reduced intake of fatty foods and sweets. Fish, vegetables, fruits and grains should be on the daily menu.
  2. Herbal teas — and freshly squeezed juices — should replace excessive intake of coffee, alcohol, and carbonated beverages.
  3. Limited salt intake – fluid is retained in the body and sodium concentration increases due to high external temperatures. This provokes decompensation of cardiac activity and increase in blood pressure in conditions of cardiac pathology (arterial hypertension or coronary heart disease). The development of cardiac arrhythmias occurs due to sodium retention and potassium loss.
  4. Use of supplements (potassium and magnesium) – potassium is needed to stimulate muscle fibers. Magnesium is needed to relax the fibers. Without magnesium, the skin muscle does not rest. Potassium and magnesium deficiency increase the risk of blood pressure spikes and heart rate instability. Magnesium also regulates the work of the nervous system. It has an anti-stress and sedative effect.
  5. Use of vitamin-sweating is the main protective agent against internal overheating. With sweating, the body loses important vitamins and trace elements. A variety of healthy foods, vitamins (in tablets or capsules) can compensate for the loss of vitamins and useful microelements.
  6. Teas for diluting the blood – with sweating part of the fluid leaves the body. This process can cause thrombosis due to blood clotting. Blood-thinning teas (green tea, lemon balm, red hawthorn, nettle, etc.) are therefore useful for all patients with heart disease. (especially during high outside temperatures).
  7. Outdoor activities – morning and evening walks and staying in nature and forest are useful (because staying in closed and stuffy rooms has a negative effect on the heart). During the summer, it is not recommended to go out between 11 am and 4 pm when the sun is warmest.
  8. Use of air conditioners — changes in outdoor and indoor temperatures should not be too drastic. Because then the risk of acute respiratory infection is higher (flu caused by air conditioning).
  9. The use of plants (adaptogens) -plants-adaptogens strengthen the body’s defense system. They help minimize the harmful effects of bad ecology. The most famous adaptogens are ginseng, Siberian rose, red brush, aralia and eleutherococcus.
  10. Regular visits and consultations with doctors and cardiologists are always mandatory and important.




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