8 simple rules for a healthy and long life without diseases

8 simple rules for a healthy and long life without diseases

  1. Optimism is an important condition for a long and healthy life – say gerontologists. Pessimism and aggression significantly reduce people’s lives and mental capacities.
  2. Physical activity – any type of physical work is important. Daily hiking is a great way to gain physical fitness.
  3. Consumption of indigenous and seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables significantly reduces stress. Higher consumption of food grown from the location of living and lower (and moderate) consumption of food outside the living climate.
  4. Staying on the mountain – fresh mountain air strengthens the body’s defense system. Strengthens the function of the respiratory organs.
  5. Hot pepper – strengthens metabolism and blood circulation. It solves bacteria and prevents cancer.
  6. Plant-based diet – lots of vegetables, spinach and cabbage that contain fiber necessary for the body. Such food contributes to the good work of the digestive tract. Prevents the development of malignant cells.
  7. Sour drink-sour milk, ayran, kefir are types of drink based on sour milk. Normalizes digestion, creates a good microflora in the intestines. Strengthens immunity.
  8. Minimum calories – low-calorie food in very moderate amounts is desirable.

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