15 natural scents for fragrant and refreshed rooms in the home

15 natural scents for fragrant and refreshed rooms in the home
Natural scents work wonders in every home. They give energy, good mood, strengthen creativity, eliminate depression, remove sadness and remove problems. Burnt spices, dried herbs and various substances give the same effect in every household. You can light spices and various substances (for example aromatic oils) in a bowl (or ashtray) or use a so-called aroma lamp. Smoke from burned dry plants emits substances that have a healing effect.

  1. Incense-colorless and fragrant incense is the most commonly used natural substance. It can be bought at the market (fresh or dried incense), a spice shop, a health food store, or at a church. Namely, in most churches there are small shops where you buy candles, incense, various spices and other necessities. Such church shops usually work during Mass or once a week. The priest on duty is always instructed in the working hours of such shops. Burning incense eliminates insomnia. It makes breathing easier. It has a calming effect.
  2. Basil-dried basil stimulates the intellect and strengthens energy. When burning basil at home, a strong aroma is achieved. Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with epilepsy.
  3. Fir needles and pine needles – dry and inflamed fir and pine needles encourage good mood and strengthen energy. They disinfect the air in the rooms. They give emotional balance.
  4. Dry leaves – phytotherapists recommend trampling thick layers of dry leaves during walks in parks and forests. The scent that is then emitted gives invigorating energy and strengthens the energy of each person.
  5. Oregano-fresh or dried oregano is a favorite spice in the household. Sealed dried oregano has a strong antibacterial effect. Use during a flu epidemic is desirable. Phytotherapists are always happy to recommend this spice.
  6. Lemon – dry lemon peel. Smoke from burning dry lemon peel refreshes the room. Removes unpleasant odors. It stimulates the influx of positive energy. It eliminates mental problems.
  7. Orange – from the burnt orange peel strengthens the mood. Relieves stress. It has a positive effect against insomnia.
  8. Thyme – the smell of burning thyme gives strength, strengthens memory and energy.
  9. Mandarin – the smell of inflamed mandarin peel reduces stress. Eliminates fatigue. Gives a good mood.
  10. Grapefruit – a product of burning grapefruit bark strengthens good mood. It has a positive effect on muscle mass.
  11. Black pepper- has healing properties. Place a pinch of black pepper on a hot stovetop (after use). The scent of this spice removes sadness and depression. Gives a good mood.
  12. Lemon balm – the smell of inflamed lemon balm has a calming effect. It cures headaches and migraines. It frees people from nightmares.
  13. Cinnamon – the smell of burning cinnamon has a sweet aroma. Creates a feeling of warmth. Eliminates fear and nervousness. Be inspiring and strengthen creativity. It strengthens the imagination.
  14. Propolis – the smell of inflamed propolis is an excellent remedy for nasal polyps. Put a piece of propolis in a metal can. Then place this can on a hot stove top. Remove the can from the stove when the propolis starts to smoke. Inhale this smoke. Close one nostril and inhale the smoke with the other nostril. Repeat in reverse order. Repeat the procedure. Inhale the healing smoke of propolis at least twice a day until the polyps disappear.
  15. Laurel – lit in the ashtray removes unpleasant odors in the premises. It gives a feeling of comfort. It gives an influx of energy. Strengthens good mood.

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