Black, rye or wholemeal bread instead of white bread

Black, rye or wholemeal bread instead of white bread
Abdominal obesity means the waist circumference in women is greater than 80 cm while in men it is greater than 94 cm. Abdominal adipose tissue is an endocrine organ that secretes factors of thrombosis, inflammatory processes and means a hormonally active organ. Abdominal fat affects the increased production of C-reactive protein in the liver. The result of improper diet means an increase in the number of obese people in the world. An improper diet is rich in simple carbohydrates from sweets, sweet drinks, carbonated juices, fats from meat products and full-fat cheeses.
Anyone can be affected by obesity, metabolic and premetabolic syndrome. With the cessation of smoking and the reduction of stress, it increases the antioxidant protection that protects against various chronic diseases. Antioxidant protection is compromised with the use of fried and fried foods and sunflower oil. This creates lipids that lead to atherosclerosis and reduces the body’s antioxidant protection. Obesity has a number of comorbidities for adults and children. A large number of studies prove that the consumption of red meat and meat products, alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer. Obese people are more likely to have cancer of the esophagus, kidneys, colon, and cancer of the breast and uterus in women.
10 tips to reduce obesity in adults, adolescents and children

  1. It is important to limit the intake of certain types of food (fried potatoes, puff pastry, hamburgers, drinks with sugar, etc.).
  2. For frying and frying food, it is desirable to use grape seed oil that can withstand high temperatures. It is not advisable to fry food in olive oil because the healing properties of this oil are lost.
  3. Cooked food and stewed food in water with the addition of olive oil at the end of stewing are healthy ways of heat-treated food. A healthy way is to bake in the oven and on an electric grill. It is recommended to avoid roasting food on charcoal, as this creates carcinogenic substances. The best way is steam cooking. Olive oil lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It has a preventive effect against osteoporosis, chronic diseases and cancer.
  4. Spaghetti is preferably used at least twice a week. Durum pasta and pasta with a low glucose index are recommended.
  5. Wholemeal rice, black bread and barley are recommended. It is the food with the lowest glucose index that raises blood sugar the least.
  6. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, olive oil and blue fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) should be used. Lava fish have omega 3 fatty acids that reduce insulin resistance, have a lot of vitamin D and increase lipid status in the human body. A higher intake of chicken, turkey, beef, river and sea fish is recommended. Onions contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. Hyperprotein diets should be used with caution because they can cause kidney damage and increase the risk of cancer. Chicken breast, turkey breast and beef slice are recommended.
  7. It is advisable to use rye bread, whole grain bread, wholemeal and black bread and beans, lentils, polenta and pasta. Sour cream, yogurt, kefir, sour milk and low-fat cheeses from skim milk are recommended, while reducing the intake of whole cheeses. Yogurt and kefir contain probiotic cultures that strengthen the digestive tract and immunity.
  8. The recommendation is ½ kilograms of fruit per day. Diabetics should not eat grapes, figs, plums and bananas.
  9. The base of the food pyramid consists of cereals, pasta and corn products. The next level is fruits and vegetables (rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants). This is followed by dairy products poor in cholesterol and saturated fat and rich in calcium. The next level is meat, eggs and fish rich in protein (basic building blocks). The top of the pyramid are sweets (snacks and various types of desserts) should be eaten in moderation.
  10. Nutritionists recommend 3 meals a day and two snacks between meals. Metabolism slows down with meal reduction and body weight increases. One hour of brisk walking a day is a key free physical activity for obese people.

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