Oregano oil and cloves effectively remove parasites from the body


Oregano oil and cloves effectively remove parasites from the body
The presence and infection with parasites also requires treatment / cleansing. If left untreated, this infection can cause a number of health problems (diabetes, arthritis, joint pain, etc.). Parasites are found in water, soil and air. They enter the body through water, air (respiratory system), through the skin, food contaminated with parasitic larvae and through insects. The infection is spread due to insufficiently washed hands or through sexual intercourse. The anus is a large enough source of continued infection due to infection. Parasitic larvae are transmitted further to the hands and to everything that the hands touch. Infected foods are the fastest way for parasite larvae to enter the human body (poorly washed fruits and vegetables, undercooked food, fish or undercooked meat).


The use of mustard and pumpkin oil is recommended. One small spoon three times a day before meals. These oils have strong anti-inflammatory effects.
Clove is considered a plant that can destroy almost all parasite larvae. It is recommended to use in combination with wormwood and black walnut. This is how the best results are achieved. Put half a small spoon of cloves powder and half a small spoon of Ceylon cinnamon in 250 ml of boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool. Drink a cup of this tea for three days in a row. Take a break of seven days. Repeat the procedure as needed.
Oregano oil is a powerful remedy for all types of infections and against all parasites. Dosage is an important item. Use wild oregano capsules if you have damaged stomach lining. In addition to oregano, it is advisable to use probiotics because oregano unfortunately also kills good bacteria in the body (intestines). Healthy intestinal microflora means a healthy organism and strong immunity.


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