Allergy is an unusual reaction of the body to external changes and diet

Allergy is an unusual reaction of the body to external changes and diet
It is estimated that in the 21st century, about 90% of the population has some form of allergy. A classic allergy is an allergy to plant pollen. Allergies can be to animal hair, certain foods and the like. In 1906, the Austrian pediatrician Clemens baron von Pirquet discovered an allergy, i.e. an altered reaction of the organism to some external change.
The mechanism of allergy has not been fully studied. Causes of allergies can be stress, pollution, poorer immunity and the like. An allergy is not a total collapse of the organism but a reaction of the organism to the penetration of an allergen. The body releases antibodies and specific cells into the blood, which is reflected in allergic reactions. An allergy is a reaction of the body and the body’s defense against allergens. The hereditary tendency of the organism towards the appearance of allergies is not allergies. The risk of developing allergies in children is 30-40% if one parent has an allergy. If both parents are prone to allergies then there is an 80% chance that children will have allergies.
Allergies to pollen, trees, grass and some foods can occur at any age. Beekeepers, for example, have been dealing with bees all their lives. And these people do not have allergic reactions. In older years the beekeeper is bitten by a bee when he is using antibiotics or has a drop in immunity then an allergy or allergic reaction can occur.
There are cross-allergies due to the presence of the same amino acids in pollen and foods. For example allergies to birch, hazel means that a person should be careful with apples, plums, pears, cherries, apricots, carrots, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, parsley and spice. Cross-allergy is not just an allergy to plant components. When the body reacts to beef, for example, there is often a reaction / allergy to cats. People allergic to seafood may have an allergic reaction to dust mites at home. More than 70% of cases of bronchial asthma are associated with allergies to mites, ie dust in the home. If the allergy is complicated, it is best to stop consuming alcohol. Even one glass of wine can be dangerous. Only 8 products are responsible for 90% of allergic reactions. These are eggs, fish, milk, shrimp cheese, peanuts, nuts, soy and wheat. In Japan, for example, there is a higher percentage of people allergic to buckwheat flour or buckwheat pasta. One of the popular Japanese dishes is “Soba” (buckwheat flour noodles). That is why in 2016, the owners of a restaurant in Japan offered guests temporary tattoos (Soba Allergy Tattoo Checkers) soaked in water (in which they cooked noodles with buckwheat). In case of allergy, a pink element appears on that part of the body. That way a person knows he has an allergy to buckwheat flour.
The National Cancer Institute in the United States has concluded that allergy has a positive side. The risk of developing cancers of the cervix, esophagus, tonsils and cervix is ​​1/3 lower in patients with seasonal pollen allergy. Comparisons were made with these patients and people who do not have allergies. People prone to allergies have a lower risk of developing gliomas (brain tumors). The existence of allergies reduces the probability of the existence of this disease twice – doctors and medical experts believe.

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