Natural mouthwash and against bad breath

Natural mouthwash and against bad breath
Natural mouthwash is useful against bad breath. It does not contain alcohol, sugar, flavors or artificial colors. That is why it is suitable for healthy and sick people and people with type 2 diabetes. It makes the breath more pleasant and fresh at the moment. Natural water has an antiseptic effect and coats the mucous membrane of the mouth. With regular use, the possibility of pain and bleeding in the mouth and inflammatory processes of the throat and pharynx is reduced.
You need 5 drops of peppermint essential oil, 3 drops of clove essential oil, a little sea salt, 100 ml of purified water and a bottle with a spray. Drizzle the oils into the salt. Put the mixture in a plastic bottle. Close and shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Keep out of reach of light and heat sources. You can spray the mixture into your mouth. Or open a bottle and take a small spoonful of the solution. Shake in your mouth and spit it out. The bottle should be shaken before using the mixture. So the effect is better and the saplings are well mixed. This solution works against toothache because cloves are a natural anesthetic. It quickly neutralizes toothache, so it was once used in dentistry instead of anesthesia.

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