7 types of dried fruit and allowed daily consumption (in numbers)


7 types of dried fruit and allowed daily consumption (in numbers)
Many types of dried fruit can be a great substitute for tablets as they alleviate the milder symptoms of various types of diseases and health ailments.
Prunes-encourage better bowel function. They contain a lot of fiber and trace elements. Therefore, the work of metabolism is improved. Prunes help against indigestion. 10 pieces of prunes per day are recommended for one adult.
Dates strengthen the immune system. Useful fruit against colds, anemia and depression. A maximum of 13 dates per day is recommended.
Dried mandarins-improve a person’s recovery after illness. They normalize metabolic processes. They make blood vessels more elastic. Due to that, the swelling and stagnation of the lymph stops. They strengthen the appetite and contribute a positive mood. A handful of dried slices of tangerine is recommended daily.
Dry apricots-relieve cramps in the muscles of the walls of blood vessels. A maximum of 3 to 4 pieces of dried apricots per day is recommended.
Dried figs-effective against dry cough. They treat the kidneys and have a diuretic effect. Eat a maximum of 150 grams of dried figs a day.
Raisins strengthen the heart and accelerate tissue regeneration due to their high potassium content. They have a beneficial effect against viral diseases. Eat a maximum of 30 grams of raisins a day.


Dried cherries – due to the action of pectin, dried cherries remove toxins from the body. Pectin helps bind harmful chemical compounds that then leave the body without reaching the bloodstream. Eat a maximum of one handful of dried cherries a day.


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