Iceland lichen prevents inflammation of the respiratory system

Iceland lichen (or moss) prevents inflammation of the respiratory system
Iceland lichen or Iceland moss is a type of plant made of algae and fungi that has a symbiotic effect, ie a combined effect. This action enables the survival of this organism. Algae perform photosynthesis and provide nutrients while fungi protect against bad external influences, bad conditions, dehydration and radiation. This moss is traditionally used in the diet of the Nordic and northern peoples. Dry powder is a coagulant (for cooking soups and broths). The dry powder is combined with wheat in a suitable mixture for bread and pastries. Today it is mainly used in the production of alcohol and confectionery. It is also used in Phyto-therapy to suppress various ailments (mainly lung and digestive ailments and pains). Lichens are used to make teas, extracts, tinctures, decoctions, syrups and other preparations.
Iceland lichen is reminiscent of a smaller prismatic shrub. It reaches a height of 10 cm to 15 cm. The shoots are numerous. Shoots in the grooved and serrated at the tips. The light-facing surface is usually dark green or brown. The opposite side is brighter and streaked with whitish spots. Young lichen is leathery. Dried lichen is very stiff and completely white in color. This plant grows predominantly in areas of the northern hemisphere. It can be found in northern Europe (mostly in the Scandinavian countries), in the north of England, Iceland, Siberia and North America. The plant is found on sandy soils, wet locations, swamps, meadows, tundra, forests, dunes and the like. It grows most often on rocks and on the bark of trees. This is a hardy plant. It can withstand severe cold conditions and sharp, strong and strong wind.
Lichen is harvested from May to September. The whole plant is collected (and used) mainly in wet weather. The plant is then cleaned and dried.

  1. Iceland moss – perfectly cleans the respiratory organs. Strengthens the immune system. Supports the body against flu, colds, bronchitis, coughs and other lung problems. The old man is a mucolytic. This means that it stimulates the decomposition and expulsion of stubborn secretions in the lungs. Relieves cough. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs because it contains mucous substances (which suppress irritations on the tissues of the lower respiratory tract caused by long-term problems). Preparations of this moss are used for gargling (for laryngitis, pharyngitis and inflammatory processes of the oral cavity). It contains acids that have an antibiotic effect and suppress microorganisms that cause inflammatory processes. It contains complex sugars (immunostimulants) that contribute to faster recovery from illness. Then it is good to drink tea or mixtures of tea from Iceland moss and plants with similar effects (for example, thyme).
  2. Facilitates digestion in the body – because it contains bitter substances. Therefore, it is used to support the work of the digestive organs. It is a good stomachic because it stimulates the secretion of gastric enzymes, and facilitates the process of digestion. Beneficial nutrients from food are better absorbed in the body through the use of Iceland moss. This moss is good for boosting appetite. As well as against problems with the respiratory system, such mucous substances help to renew the mucous membrane of the digestive organs (which can be irritated with gastritis or inflammatory process of the esophagus, etc.). Certain studies say that Iceland lichen is effective against chronic ailments (for example, irritable bowel syndrome that accompanies discomfort, nausea, bloating, gas and diarrhea. Relieves discomfort after vomiting caused by stomach irritation or food poisoning. Helps the body recover.

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