4 health benefits of citrus peel


4 health benefits of citrus peel
Citrus fruit has a beneficial effect on the body. The benefits of the peel of this fruit can be medicinal and usable for other purposes. The rind is bitter so it can be used as an aromatic addition to soups, fish, salads, marinades, pastries and beverages. It is desirable to use fruits from organic cultivation because there are no toxins or other harmful ingredients. The bark should be washed thoroughly and left to stand in water with baking soda.

  1. Citrus peel solves colds and flu-peel contains more vitamin C than fruit. It can be used to prepare medicinal drinks that solve colds, bronchitis, asthma, allergies and flu and suppress respiratory tract problems. Recipe: Grate equal amounts of organic lemon, orange and grapefruit peel. Pour three tablespoons of the mixture with one liter of boiling water. Cover the pan and allow to cool. Homemade honey can be added. Drink in small sips throughout the day.
  2. The peel of the citrus fruit protects the teeth – the essential oils from the peel have a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. They create a protective barrier. Such bad microorganisms cannot penetrate the oral cavity and endanger teeth and tooth enamel. Recipe. Pour two tablespoons of chopped lemon peel with one cup of boiling water. Allow to cool. Then strain the drink. Then add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. Rinse your mouth with this liquid after brushing your teeth. You can chew the crust. It’s a good way to reduce plaque development and freshen your breath.
  3. The peel of the citrus fruit preserves the digestive organs — it is rich in fiber that helps the intestines work better. It is rich in ingredients that have a detoxifying effect. Occasional intake of citrus peel preparations is a good way to cleanse the body of harmful substances that interfere with the digestive process and cause inflammatory processes. Orange peel tea is used to boost and stimulate appetite.
  4. Citrus peel nourishes the skin – it is rich in vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect. Citrus peel smoothes and firms skin that has signs of aging. Soothes sun spots – it is suitable for deep cleansing of pores from grease and dirt (which cause acne and blackheads). Recipe: Combine one tablespoon of olive oil with one tablespoon of brown sugar. Add the rind of the grated lemon and lime. This is a great peeling for the skin.




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