5 recipes for homemade cleansers with citrus peel


5 recipes for cleansers with citrus peel
Citrus peel can be used to prepare means for refreshing the space and cleaning the rooms in the home.

  1. Chop the lemon zest and fill the glass jar with this mixture. Add white vinegar to the top. Close the jar with a plastic lid. Leave for up to 3 weeks in a dark and cooler place. Strain the mixture after the time has elapsed. Dilute half a cup of vinegar with the same amount of water. Use this mixture to remove limescale stains and stains from bathroom elements and kitchen faucets. Do not use the mixture on sensitive surfaces.
  2. Make a mixture of equal parts salt and lemon juice. Coat stainless steel containers with stains and stains with this mixture. Then rub these surfaces with lemon zest. Rinse with water.
  3. Fill the cooker to the top with water. Add a few pieces of lemon zest. Then cook the stove to boiling point. This procedure encourages the removal of scale.
  4. Combine chopped lemon, orange and lime peel. Put the pieces in a smaller bowl. Place the dish in the refrigerator. This removes / neutralizes unpleasant odors from the refrigerator.
  5. Boil one liter of water with the addition of lemon peel, mandarin peel and grapefruit. Strain. Drain the liquid into a spray bottle. Use to refresh the rooms in the home.


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