Human skin loves sage


Human skin loves sage
Certain plants are especially indicated for the skin (for example, Aloe Vera, lavender, sage and calendula). They have a hydrating and soothing effect. They also have strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. They encourage tissue regeneration and faster healing of damage. The plants can be used fresh or dried and combined with vegetable oils, essential oils, hydrolates and other ingredients. They are suitable for the preparation of lotions, balms, tonics, ointments, creams and other preparations with herbs. The skin should be cared for internally with a proper diet (foods with antioxidant vitamins, fatty acids) in order for the preparations to work better. A larger amount of fluid (water, herbal teas, squeezed juices) is needed in order to strengthen hydration.
The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is more exposed to external influences that can disrupt the normal function of the skin. These are poisons from polluted air, UV rays, some chemical agents. The skin can be damaged due to mechanical injuries (cuts, scratches, falls, blows, etc.). These phenomena can be partially prevented. The negative effects of mechanical skin injuries can be mitigated with preventive effects. During warm days, people should use skin protection products from burns with the use of adequate clothing. Thus body parts can be protected from external negative influences. People exposed to chemicals should work in protective equipment and occasionally use some detox to cleanse the body and skin. Natural remedies can help deal with mild skin damage. For larger and more serious problems, the advice / therapy of a specialist / dermatologist is needed. Doctor’s advice is also needed for people with dermatitis and other skin diseases before using any natural remedy.
Fill an effective herbal antiseptic spray – a small disinfected bottle to the top with a mixture of equal parts of fresh marigold flower, St. John’s wort, ragweed and chamomile, and lemongrass and sage leaves and flowers. Soak the plant in warm water for about 5 minutes before using it. Leave the wet herbs to dry. This removes dust particles and insects from the plants. Use plants that grow in pure nature or purchased from a trusted supplier. Pour boiling water over the plants and cook for about half an hour. Strain and wait for the mixture with the plants to cool completely. Wash a few thicker leaves under a stream of warm water. Cut the leaves in half and remove the gel or juice with a spoon. Plant material that should not be too gelatinous then put in a blender. Process with a blender until the mixture is in the form of a liquid. You can then make an antiseptic spray. Combine one and a half cups of iced tea with 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice, one teaspoon of lavender hydrolate and one teaspoon of tea tree hydrolate. Then pour the liquid into a bottle with darker glass. You can spray the liquid directly on the skin or soak pieces of cotton wool and cover the appropriate place on the body. It is suitable for the treatment of scratches, cuts and burns. Use once or twice a day. Keep the liquid in the spray bottle in the refrigerator. Shelf life is up to 3 days.

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