The pearl is a healing white stone of fidelity, innocence, beauty and eternal youth

The pearl is a healing white stone of fidelity, innocence, beauty and eternal youth
The pearl is actually a rounded limestone formation found in shells and freshwater mollusks. The pearl consists of aragonite (a crystalline modification of calcium carbonate), conchiolin (an organic substance of the protein type) and water. Pearl is a mother-of-pearl created in specific conditions. The outer layer of mollusk skin releases mother-of-pearl, which is normally deposited on the inner surface of the shell. A pearl is formed when a grain of sand, a small stone, a part of the shell around a pearl or a core penetrates the shell, and layers of pearls begin to be deposited. Pearl is a stone of organic origin, so the lifespan of pearls is actually limited to 250 years. The upper layer decomposes in the air with the passage of time, so the pearl loses its luster. Contact of this stone with charged fabrics, perfumes and other cosmetic preparations is undesirable. The pearl is also sensitive to heat.
In Arab culture, the pearl is a symbol of wisdom and oratory. The book “The Miraculous Necklace” by the Arab writer and scholar Ibn Abd Rahibi from 930 states: “The pearl is a symbol of bishops, good nature and art.”
The pearl gives health and happiness to people in the zodiac sign Pisces, calms Cancers and helps to gain new knowledge, but this stone is contraindicated for the zodiac sign Leo. The pearl is considered to be the stone of fidelity, innocence, beauty and eternal youth. Decorations with pearls contribute to family harmony and happiness and strengthen family ties. The ring with the pearl stone should be worn with a silver frame on the little finger of the right hand.
Medicinal properties of pearls:

  1. Pearl has invigorating properties because it increases vitality.
  2. Medieval doctors used a universal means of strengthening the body – rubbed pearl mixed with sugar.
  3. Pearl water regulates the balance of acids and bases in the body – according to Ayurveda. It helps with acute inflammatory processes. It cures urinary tract diseases and burning in the eyes. Recipe for pearl water: Put 4 to 5 m of small white pearls in a cup of water. Leave overnight. Drink the drink in the morning.
  4. Pearl strengthens and normalizes the central nervous system. It has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state.
  5. Lithotherapists advise that a person not put on a pearl if he has problems with high or low arterial pressure.
  6. Holding pearls in your mouth strengthens your teeth by giving them shine. It has a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood. Relieves pain around the heart.
  7. Pearl is used in the form of ash in the East because it helps with many diseases (hepatitis, gallstones, diseases of the intestines and stomach).


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