5 tips for skin care during the autumn period


5 tips for skin care during the autumn period
During the fall, the sun lost its strength, but changes were still noticed on the skin of the face, neck, and hands. The skin becomes dry, cracked, rougher and scaly. Acne and psoriasis and other dermatological problems may occur.

  1. The skin needs a higher intake of omega 3 fatty acids, water, zinc, copper (fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts) during the fall. Stress and conflict situations should be avoided when possible as they negatively affect the skin.
  2. The use of mild skin care products is desirable (for washing, washing, cleaning, removing makeup).
  3. Dry skin needs external hydration. When using slightly oily foundations, it is desirable to form a protective layer that prevents the loss of natural moisture in the skin. Oily skin needs hydration with creams with a light texture. For maximum protection, dermatologists recommend creams whose protection factor is at least SPF15.
  4. The use of solid soaps is recommended because the skin is cracked, rough, dry and prone to flaking. The upper part of the hand especially needs frequent lubrication with moisturizing hand cream. The best choice are odorless and colorless creams and soaps. People with acne and pimples on the face need a dermatological examination for useful therapy and further care tips.
  5. The most effective way for people who want to achieve better results in skin care is diamond microdermabrasion or peeling with AHA, mandelic acid and kojic acid that exfoliate the extinct (rough) rough layer of skin giving softness and radiance. For skin hydration, it is recommended to use mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid (which is injected under the middle layer of the skin). The skin then becomes fresh, hydrated and radiant, and it restores moisture the fastest and most efficiently.



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