3 most useful vitamins for the autumn period


3 most useful vitamins for the autumn period
During the autumn months, changes occur in the body due to annual changes in temperature. Autumn also means difficult morning awakenings, melancholy, sadness, and weaker immunity.
Vitamin A is retinol and also the most needed vitamin for autumn. Vitamin A helps to overcome temperature differences and tissue regeneration. This means it helps with brittle hair and dry skin. Vitamin A is present in leafy vegetables, milk, tomatoes, dried fruits, egg yolks and beef liver.
Vitamin B6 is responsible for energy, strengthens memory and mind, helps to absorb information faster and in brain activities. Vitamin B6 facilitates a difficult morning awakening, gives strength and helps the adoption of new ideas. Vitamin B6 is present in avocados, hazelnuts, walnuts, berries, spinach and potatoes.
Vitamin C is responsible for immunity. Autumn is an insidious season in which flu and colds occur. Vitamin C should be consumed especially in the autumn. It is present in citrus fruits, currants, pomegranates, peppers, onions, garlic, spinach and potatoes.

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