5 popular ways to prepare various types of coffee

5 popular ways to prepare various types of coffee
Depending on the desired amount of drink, adjust the amount of coffee and water and add sugar and milk if desired.

  1. Method of preparing mocha-coffee (coffee maker) with hot water
    One of the healthiest ways to drink coffee is the popular and traditional Italian mocha (cafetiere). This is a quick and easy way to prepare coffee and offers an intense and extraordinary taste of espresso. Coffee (slightly larger than espresso) should be ground properly. It is possible to use gas or an electric circuit for preparation.
    Method of preparation: Pour hot water into a bowl with a steam opening. Put the coffee in the filter to the top, flatten (do not push) and remove the coffee from the edges. Twist and place on a heat source. When it boils, the water passes through the coffee and exits into the upper part of the flour. Note: The flour must not be washed in the dishwasher or with detergents. Wash only with warm water.
  2. Method of preparation of mocha-coffee (coffee maker) with cold water
    Depending on the size of the flour bowl, pour cold water to the indicated mark (opening at the bottom of the bowl). Pour the coffee lightly into the provided sieve. The coffee is brewed at the boiling temperature until the extraction is complete. It is necessary to remove the flour from the heat immediately after cooking in order to preserve the aroma of coffee.
  3. How to prepare coffee in a coffee pot
    To prepare one cup of drink, it is necessary to pour 100 ml of cold water into a cooking vessel. When the water boils, remove the pan from the heat and, stirring gently, pour in 7 g of coffee (approx. Two full teaspoons) and mix well. Return the pan to the hotplate and heat gently until the foam rises. Leave the drink for 3 to 5 minutes for the precipitate to settle. Stir the foam lightly before serving.
  4. How to prepare coffee in a French press jug
    To prepare one cup of beverage, you need to add two full teaspoons or one full tablespoon of coffee to a french press jug. Separately, heat 100 ml of water to boiling, pour over the coffee and then return the lid with the mesh to the jug. Leave the drink for 3 to 5 minutes for the precipitate to settle. Before serving, squeeze the drink by pushing the mesh on the lid of the jug.
  5. How to prepare filter coffee
    To prepare one cup of beverage, it is necessary to dose 7 g of coffee (approximately two full teaspoons) and 125 ml of water into the apparatus and cook until the extraction is completed.


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