Carrying a small mirror in your pocket is a positive ancient ritual

Carrying a small mirror in your pocket is a positive ancient ritual
Keeping a small mirror in your pocket or bag is an old ritual of deterring negative energy and bad people. A 3 to 5 cm mirror can be kept in a holster, box or in one of the natural fabrics.

Let the mirror stand on the window for a while (or overnight) to be filled with lunar energy and for a while during the day to be filled with powerful solar radiation. During the evening, light a white candle and slide the mirror over the flame. One can say or think “I consecrate you with fire”. It is desirable to blow three times in the mirror and again say “I dedicate you to the air.” It is desirable to sprinkle a little earth on the mirror and think / say “I dedicate you to the earth”. Finally, spray the mirror with water and say “I consecrate you with water”. Take the mirror in your hand, relax and say aloud three times “in the name of air, water, fire and earth – please mirror to always protect me from evil and negative people / situations and to bring me happiness and love.” Repeat this ritual from time to time. The magic mirror is ready to use. A mirror has a positive effect if a person is among people with whom he feels uncomfortable. Then take the mirror out of the holster and keep it in your pocket (and don’t take it out of your pocket) with your face turned away from you. The mirror thus protects against negative situations and people. Before you leave home, take the mirror out of your holster and hold it in your hand with your face turned away from you if you need to do something important that day. Make circular movements around the whole body with your hand and ask the mirror to protect you all day and to provide security and self-confidence.
This way of looking in the mirror and the surface of the mirror (for the purpose of divination) was used by the ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks and Romans. The prophetesses of Thessaly in Greece wrote the prophecies in human blood on a mirror. It is believed that they taught Pythagoras to look to the future by using the reflection of the moon in the mirror. In ancient Rome, people skilled in reading from a mirror were called “speculatii” and were in high demand. In medieval Europe, vessels with water painted inside with black paint were used. The famous Nostradamus also had one such vessel. French Queen Catherine Medici often consulted a magic mirror to see future events. The personal prophet of Queen Elizabeth I of England used a crystal egg and a black obsidian mirror, which is on display today in the British Museum in London.


    • Dear oldbirdtravels,

      Many thanks for your comment. I also myself like this ritual, its very simple. I think one should not look into once taking it out. Wish you the best.


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