Protection against negative influence from the network of invisible electromagnetic fields

Protection against negative influence from the network of invisible electromagnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields are energy fields generated by the Sun, Earth, Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, microwave ovens, baby monitors and other devices. The sun and planet Earth create a healthy and natural electromagnetic field while modern devices emit radiation that can be harmful to human health.
Naturally or artificially created electromagnetic fields emit invisible waves. Depending on the frequency and strength, these waves can interact with cells in the human brain and damage them and lead to mutations. That ultimately means illness. Until recently, the source of artificial electromagnetic radiation was only radios, televisions, stoves and refrigerators that are always located at a certain distance from people. Then the negative effect is much smaller. Today we spend time with modern gadgets that we keep close to or in our pockets, around the wrists and the like, and that emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. People do this mostly unaware of the risks to their own health. Back in 2011, the World Health Organization warned of the possible cancerous effects of mobile phones and smartphones. Unfortunately, a growing number of scientific studies have linked electromagnetic radiation to disorders and diseases (e.g. asthma, cancer, autism, infertility). People today are constantly exposed to these invisible enemies, so diseases are constantly on the rise. Today there is a new term so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. He explains the phenomenon that people react to rashes, headaches, mental haze, fatigue and other symptoms that impair the quality of life after only short-term exposure to these radiations.

10 tips for protection against invisible electromagnetic radiation

  1. Do not use without interruption and constantly mobile phones, smartphones, laptops and similar devices or set aside one day in seven days that will be completely without technical gagdets.
  2. Use a wired internet connection if you can. For Wi-Fi users, it is advisable to turn off the router at night during sleep and every time a person does not use Wi-Fi. Wireless modems and routers create an electromagnetic field and send signals to your computer through the walls and the human body. Certain blockers and other types of protection can be purchased today. Spend as little time as possible with wireless internet.
  3. Move the computer away from you and never put it in your lap, because then your reproductive organs are also directly exposed to radiation. Intense heat radiation can directly affect male fertility while holding a laptop in your lap.
  4. Turn off your smartphone before bed and move this device to other rooms where people are not staying. Do not keep your mobile phone or smartphone in your pockets.
  5. Use a headset or Bluetooth set to avoid direct radiation from the device for long conversations on the mobile phone. The radiation is strongest when the signal on the cell phone is very weak. It is not advisable to use a cell phone at this time.
  6. Avoid using cell phones or smartphones while riding a train, bus, or car. The best option for the home is to purchase a telephone with a wired connection instead of a cordless telephone.
  7. Staying in nature and near water is highly desirable because it increases exposure to healthy negative ions. The Himalayan salt lamp is a great item for home and office because it releases negative ions.
  8. Bosnian walking is recommended because the body is better grounded. Perform this procedure whenever you can. Bare feet in direct contact with the ground means a reduction in tension in the body. This significantly reduces the harmful electromagnetic field to which people are exposed on a daily basis.
  9. Intake of foods rich in antioxidants (berries, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, etc.) is highly desirable because it protects against negative consequences.
  10. Himalayan salt lamp is a great item for home and office because it releases negative ions.


    • Dear oldbirdtravels,

      Thanks a lot for your comments and interest. We all need at some point and unfortunately some kind of protection against this negative energy. Salt lamp is great solution to the problem. I also like “being near water (lake, river, waterfalls, etc.)” solution. Regarding the lamp both options would be more effective but also one option is valuable to humans. Wish you the best always.

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      • Dear oldbirdtravels,
        yes, i agreed totally with you. in those times there is unfortunately a lot of bad energy around us. we need to do our best to spread positivism around. wish you to visit beautiful Mexico very soon and all other great places specially near seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. Please, enjoy it at the maximum. with my best regards.

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