Spicy salts significantly improve simple meals


Spicy salts significantly improve simple meals
Salts with various spices will make simple meals tastier and healthier. Spicy salts are especially useful for meat dishes, grilled dishes and roasts.
Preparation of spice salt:
Mix ¼ cups of dry ingredients with ¾ cups of salt. Mix everything in a blender. Adjust the proportions to taste. Different ingredients can be combined. You can look for inspiration in purchased spice mixes (for example, roast meat mix).


Dried herbs (rosemary, sage, oregano, basil and chives) are most often used for spices. The salt prepared in this way will significantly enhance and improve the taste of meat, fish, soups, pasta, popcorn, dressings and sauces.
Roasted nut salt is great for vegetables, rice, soups, sauces and salad dressings. It can be an addition to bread and pastry dough.
Salts flavored with citrus peel are most suitable for seafood, potatoes, chicken, rice, fish, pasta and salad dressings.
You can mix dried mushroom powder (mushrooms, champignons, shiitake, etc.) with salt. Mushrooms are great in combination with spices. Try a mixture of dried mushrooms, thyme, pepper and nutmeg.






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