Healing foot massage with amber at home


Healing foot massage with amber at home
There is natural (original amber) and counterfeit amber. Checking is simple. Put the stone in a glass of salt water (two to three tablespoons of salt will be enough for one glass of water). Natural amber will float while the counterfeit stone will sink to the bottom of the glass.
In some health institutions, they practice medicinal therapy with amber. The therapy consists of a combination of foot massage with stone and simultaneous inhalation of pine scents. In a specially equipped room, patients walk barefoot on small untreated stones, inhaling aromatic ions that are released with heating. The pleasant smell of pine resin has a positive effect on the respiratory system (stops runny nose, relieves asthma and bronchitis, strengthens blood circulation, helps with metabolic processes, eliminates thyroid problems). Foot massage with amber has no contraindications. Reduces fatigue. It helps effectively against rheumatism and joint diseases, actively affects the reflex zones located on the soles, strengthens blood circulation in organs and tissues. When in contact with the skin, this stone actively releases negative ions that quickly activate energy metabolism in the body.


Healing foot massage with amber at home
This massage can also be performed at home. Distribute 100 g to 120 g of unprocessed amber evenly on two plastic trays. Move from 15 to 20 minutes from heel to toe and vice versa, The body becomes full of energy, the mind becomes clear and the mood is great.
In some countries of Europe and Asia, the amber drink is traditionally considered a remedy for colds, angina, bronchitis and sore throats. It is applied in small doses. It is used for compresses and to treat cuts, purulent wounds, insect bites and is used in hand massage cream. Scientists associate the healing properties of this stone with the active ingredient (active biological substance) in the stone – it is succinic or dibasic carboxylic acid. Experts claim that this stone made with brandy removes fatigue, stress, rejuvenates the body, relieves joint pain, strengthens the heart, cleanses blood vessels, increases potency and helps meteopaths to better withstand changes in atmospheric pressure and magnetic storms. This medicinal acid also prevents cancer or slows down the development, strengthens the immune system, stimulates insulin secretion and thus lowers blood sugar levels. Neutralizes toxins which affects longevity. Amber acid perfectly cleanses the body from the harmful effects of tobacco. Some avid smokers even use amber bushes that neutralize the effects of nicotine and other harmful substances.
Medicinal tincture with amber
Wash 15 untreated stones (not larger than 1 cm in diameter) with tap water. Put in a half-liter jar. Top with plum brandy (or vodka). Leave for a minimum of a month in that place. Drink daily during the evening. Men should drink one spoon while women should drink one small spoon. After 2 to 3 months, repeat the procedure. When you drink the whole bottle after a month, then pour the brandy over the used amber stones again. The stones in the bottle must not be dry and should always be covered with brandy.



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