Solve dry eyes with frequent blinking and washing with dew

Solve dry eyes with frequent blinking and washing with dew

“Dry eye” syndrome is a normal occurrence today due to prolonged watching TV, working on a computer and staying indoors with dry air. This is a common problem that is quickly removed with eye drops from a pharmacy or natural home-made preparations. You can solve the chronic lack of moisturizing and lubricating the senses with compresses and herbal teas, stronger intake of vitamins and exercises. Do eye exercises from time to time. Look ten times to the left and ten times look to the right. Blink several times. The gaze is then directed up and down. Repeat the session by blinking. Then roll your eyes, first 4 times clockwise, then 4 times counterclockwise.
  1. Compress with green tea-dry eyes will help green tea in bags, i.e. compresses with green tea. Drain warm tea bags lightly during tea preparation and place on the eyelids. You can dip a piece of cotton wool in warm green tea and put it on your eyes. Remove the dressing after half an hour. Do eye exercises.
  2. Solution with honey and distilled water – is especially useful for improving the general condition of the eyes and against cataracts. Mix natural honey with distilled water in a ratio of 1: 3. Strain through cheesecloth. Instill 1 to 2 drops in both eyes in the morning and evening. You do this treatment continuously throughout the year. Keep the honey solution in the refrigerator.
  3. Wash your face with herbs – wash your eyes with chamomile tea (or rosemary), parsley leaves or rose petals). Pour three tablespoons of chopped herbs with one glass of boiling water. Leave for an hour. Strain and wash your face.
  4. Humidifier-place a humidifier in the room. This device reduces the problem of dry eyes.
  5. Blink-blink more and more often than before. Blinking moisturizes the eye and protects the eye muscles.
  6. More vitamin A is good for good eye health. Vitamin A is present in carrots, melons and flax-seed oil. Eat more fish more often.
  7. Dew Wash – Eye wash with morning dew from backyard plants is also useful for normalizing eye moisture.

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