Tips for quickly solving the problem of damaged hair


Tips for quickly solving the problem of damaged hair
The first rule to solve the problem of damaged hair is to wash your hair properly. Hair should be washed in the morning and never in the evening or before bedtime. Dry your hair thoroughly with a terry towel after washing. Then wrap your head with a dry towel. Hold for about half an hour. Only then dry your hair with a hair dryer or let your hair dry naturally at room temperature.
Seborrhea is a skin disease caused by a disorder of fat metabolism. It is manifested by increased fat secretion and qualitative changes in sebum. Seborrhea can be caused by problems with the nervous system, unhealthy diet and lack of personal hygiene. Dandruff is a normal appearance of peeling dead skin cells. Seborrhea, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, mental disorders and overwork are responsible for the increased flaking of the scalp. Today, anti-dandruff and seborrhea shampoos, lotions and other products are always available in pharmacies and specialty stores. There are also some natural preparations that easily solve these problems.

  1. You can treat seborrhea with chamomile flower lotion, while seborrhea of ​​the face, scalp and acne should be treated by rubbing a lotion of 250 ml of boiling water and one tablespoon of St. John’s wort. Alcoholic tincture has a stronger effect: soak 10 g of dried St. John’s wort flower in 100 ml of 70% alcohol for seven days. Strain after seven days.
  2. For oily scalp and dandruff, a mixture of calendula tincture and castor oil in a ratio of 10: 1 is recommended. Make a liquid from the same ingredients in a 50:50 ratio if the scalp is dry.
  3. Fungal problems on the scalp are treated with a young walnut shell tincture. Leave half a liter of 70% alcohol and 100 g of chopped walnut shells for 14 days. Strain and apply to sore spots.
  4. Itching, oily skin and dandruff before washing the hair are treated by rubbing a mixture of 10 g of birch tar, 20 g of castor oil and 100 ml of alcohol. Rinse your hair with Tanacetum vulgare, which has an antibacterial effect. First, rinse your hair with five liters of water to which you have added two scrambled egg yolks. Pre-boil 3 liters of water with 100 g of the plant. Leave overnight. Preheated before use.
  5. The hair will be strengthened by ivy root and white clay solution.
  6. Chop the caper leaves and cook in the milk until half of the desired volume has evaporated. Leave overnight in a warm place. Rinse your hair in the morning.
  7. Wash oily hair with tea from sage, rosemary, thyme.
  8. Strengthen weak and brittle hair with a mixture of one tablespoon of nettle leaves, one tablespoon of rosemary flowers and one tablespoon of chamomile flowers. Make a herbal elixir (tea) to rinse your hair after washing.
  9. Wash lifeless hair with tea from two tablespoons of dried burdock leaves (pour boiling water over the plant and leave for about 15 minutes, then strain and use).

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