11 beliefs about cats

11 beliefs about cats
There is a belief that a cat protects the owner from negative energy. Because of their cuteness and grace, cats are considered special animals. In different cultures, cats have a certain meaning.

  1. Black cat means unexpected, pleasant and good news in the near future. Black cats actually attract abundance and happiness into the home.
  2. A white cat of snow-white hue brings financial well-being, success in all areas and protection from financial problems.
  3. The red cat is a symbol of a new profession and indicates a change of profession. It brings love and attracts new acquaintances and friendships as well as protection from financial problems.
  4. The gray cat is a symbol of mutual love and indicates the strengthening of existing ties or a new relationship. The appearance of a gray cat on the doorstep is protection from negative energy and negative people.
  5. A cat with tricolor patterns is a symbol of good mood, happiness, emotional progress and life lessons. She should not be insulted or driven to believe because it indicates unfavorable situations. If a cat appears on your doorstep then feed and pet it because that way you attract positive energy and do a good deed that can multiply.
  6. A cat that wanders into the house of a lonely person indicates an imminent encounter with a soul mate, but also career progress for people who are beginners in business.
  7. The appearance of a cat with kittens on the doorstep indicates a strengthening of the financial situation. One kitten can be kept by the owner and the others in good hands – in order for the sign to come true.
  8. There is a belief that an adopted kitten protects the family from unfavorable energy.
  9. A pregnant cat on the doorstep is both a test and a good sign. Such a cat will not come to a home where there is energy chaos but is attracted to places that radiate positive energy. The appearance of a pregnant cat on the doorstep means happiness, well-being and success for all household members. Especially if the owner takes care of the kittens or takes care of or adopts new kittens.
  10. The person the cat has chosen as the owner can expect happy changes in life.
  11. In India, it is believed that the entry of an unknown cat into a home means an imminent wedding or family expansion. The general belief is that the entry of an unknown cat into the home brings prosperity and happiness and protects the owners from toxic people and negative external vibrations. And if an unknown cat has entered a home from which it does not want to leave it indicates that it sensed the arrival of trouble in that home and came to drive away potential trouble.


    • Dear Chen,

      Many thanks for your comment. Generally all people love different animals but many unfortunately do not have proper place for them. Lucky them (who could provide nice place in homes for any pet). Wish you the best.

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