5 useful tips for people who use medical therapy

5 useful tips for people who use medical therapy
Wider knowledge of the benefits of medical therapy and certain medications is desirable — before consuming the therapy.

  1. Benefits of medical therapy — therapy often consists of one or more drugs. The patient is sometimes confused and refuses or forgets to take a medicine on his own, considering it unnecessary. Perhaps this prescribed drug is one of the most important in therapy. Seek advice from a professional (pharmacist) at a nearby pharmacy.
  2. Time of taking the medicine – the doctor will prescribe the dosage while the pharmacist will explain the purpose of the medicine in more detail. Some medications are used before, during, or after a meal while some medications need further explanation. There are, for example, medications that are taken for osteoporosis and after using the medication, the patient should remain in an upright position for half an hour. Some tablets should not be broken and the like. Drinking medicines should be taken with a glass of water which is safer than with other beverages. Never use it with grapefruit juice because interactions are possible. For other medicines (for example, eye ointments, for inhalation, eye drops, insulin injections, etc.) clarifications on the method of use should be sought.
  3. Dosage of drugs-depending on the diagnosis (course of the disease, the patient’s condition, age, other diseases present and similar factors) the doctor determines the required strength of the drug. General dosing instructions (for multiple indications) are always in the medicine box. Each patient should adhere to the correct prescribed dose and frequency of medication.
  4. Time of use of therapy – some drugs are used occasionally and as needed (analgesics, antipyretics, etc.) while drugs for acute conditions (antibiotics) are used for a shorter time. Most drugs are used to treat chronic diseases and such drugs are used for a long time, some even for life (diabetes, blood pressure medication, epilepsy, depression, blood fat). Irregular use of the drug and abrupt cessation of therapy can be dangerous to health.
  5. Using different medications in the same period – two or more prescribed medications at a certain time of day – it is best to take at that time of day (morning or evening, etc.) but with an interval of ten minutes.

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