Soap and water are a quick fix for a small cut on your arm


Soap and water are a quick fix for a small cut on your arm
The paper is made of wood pulp, cotton or other fibers. Paper cuts usually happen to people who are often with paper in their daily work. Tiny pieces of paper can remain in the wound during the cut and lead to an inflammatory condition. The cuts (on the part of the hand) made of paper take a few days to heal. But every person is constantly doing something with their hands so the wound always reopens. It is better to keep the wound moist under a bandage or plaster than to leave it open. Such a tiny incision creates great pain because there are densely stacked nerve endings or medical nociceptors in the fingers (which is responsible for the stronger pain during the slightest injury, such as cuts from sharp paper). Nociceptors send signals to the brain about things that can cause damage to the skin (such as extreme heat, extreme cold, some chemicals, etc.). The edge of the paper is serrated in some way, so the cuts take longer to heal. This can be seen if you look at the edge under a microscope. The element of surprise in a paper injury is one of the reasons why we feel the pain more strongly than, for example, the pain of a knife cut. A sharp paper cut often happens quickly so that the person does not have time to protect (pull) the hand.
The paper cut should be washed (drained) immediately with soap and water. Wounds should be moist as they heal which helps in faster healing (damaged cells are replaced faster with new cells). Wet wounds are also less painful.

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