An Internet calculator calculates the actual age of each person

Every person’s life affects their health. Some people, despite their later years, may be healthier than some of the younger generations.

One group of researchers has developed an algorithm and calculator that, (taking into account a person’s habits and current health condition), estimates the actual age and how many years you will live with excellent and how many with impaired health.
Research has shown that on average, 16 percent of the lives of women and 13 percent of the lives of men are expected to be spent in the disease.

Depending on your age and lifestyle, small changes in diet and physical activity can help you live longer and better.

The questionnaire should answer a series of questions (height, weight, cigarette consumption, time to exercise during the week, blood pressure, etc.). The calculator estimates a person’s actual health years. The respondent received health advice to make the rest of his life healthier and better.

Here is the Internet Calculator:

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