5 cosmetics that should never be put on the face


5 cosmetics that should never be put on the face


Even dermatologists have a so-called “black list” composed of preparations that should never be put on the face. The ingredients used cause more harm than good.

  1. Odors – the composition of the preparation is marked “fragrance”, but artificial odors can cause skin irritation or have negative side effects due to the contained additive (such as phthalate). Therefore, cosmetics with artificial fragrances should be avoided. You should choose products with essential oils and plant extracts because they are safer and have beneficial effects on the skin.
  2. Alcohol is an ingredient in most cosmetic products (perfumes, hair products and skin care products). Alcohol can be the cause of dry skin, gray skin and flaky skin. Serums and moisturizing creams with ingredients that cancel the effect of alcohol from the preparation should be used. Products with antioxidants, ceramides, peptides and hyaluronic acid should be used.
  3. Lemon oil – not all natural ingredients are good for the skin. Preparations with lemon oil can irritate the skin and when exposed to the sun can cause strong reactions and encourage the formation of hyperpigmentation.
  4. Home-made vitamin C serums – Many beginners in creating home-made products try to make a face serum with a crumbled vitamin C tablet. The biggest problem is that this form of vitamin C is difficult to enter the skin. Vitamin C has been proven to be great for the skin because it stimulates the production of collagen, but only in a formula that will lead it to the skin cells. Applying vitamin C from the tablets will not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin but remains on the surface of the skin (which causes irritation because vitamin C oxidizes quickly on the skin).
  5. Self-tanning agents – create a chemical reaction in the skin with as yet unknown long-term consequences. One should accept the natural color of the skin tone and possibly and occasionally use powder or bronzer for critical areas on the skin.

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