5 homemade preparations (recipes) for soft heels and feet


5 homemade preparations (recipes) for soft heels and feet
Homemade preparations with cheap ingredients will make your feet soft and well-groomed without cracked thickening.

  1. Homemade foot peeling – you need 50 g of coffee grounds and one tablespoon of oil. Mix the ingredients. Apply on the feet and massage for ten minutes in a circular motion. Apply moisturizing foot cream after rinsing the peeling with warm water. This peeling can be done once a week.
  2. Bath with 3% hydrogen, pour a liter and a half of warm water into the basin and add 3-4 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen. Keep your feet in this liquid for up to 15 minutes. If you already have thick skin deposits on your feet then keep your feet in the liquid for up to half an hour. Rub the heel and other parts of the foot (prone to the accumulation of a thick layer of skin) with a stone or heel file — while the feet are still in the water. Apply a generous mixture of glycerin and vinegar in a ratio of 3: 1 to dry feet and put on cotton socks. This is best done before bed.
  3. Homemade foot cream – in a bowl, mix 20 g of calendula fat and 10 ml of vitamin A. Put in a jar and then in the refrigerator. Coat your feet with the cream every night before bed (heels, the area around the toes and nails).
  4. Bath with baking soda – pour 4 liters of hot water into a deeper bowl and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Dip your feet into the bath and hold for about 20 minutes. Then rub with a stone or heel file and apply plenty of moisturizing (nourishing) cream and Vaseline. Wear cotton socks. Do this treatment every day for five days in a row for severely cracked heels. Then spray for seven days and repeat the treatment. When the heels become soft then do the treatment once a week.
  5. Lemon peel treatment – halve one lemon and squeeze. Then place the crust with the pulp with the inside on the heel. Put on socks. It is important that the inside is glued to the heel. Leave for half an hour, then remove the lemon. Lemon peel and pulp contain essential oils that soften and regenerate the skin. For smooth and soft hands, rub a little juice between your palms. You can occasionally coat your feet with lemon juice.



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