1 MILLION more BEES because of PEZ


A million more!

We at PEZ have set ourselves a very special goal: to make sure that there are a million more bees in 2021. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Hektar Nektar, a bee protection initiative that connects companies with bee-keepers in Austria and Germany, where our contribution will help to provide bee colonies for 20 bee-keepers. A million more bees will contribute this year to achieving a functional ecosystem. This is our way of thanking the bees: without them, nature would be lacking in such wonderful diversity. Without them, there would be no strawberries, cherries, lemons, oranges or raspberries. And if it weren’t for all of these delicious fruits, where would we get our inspiration for all of the different PEZ flavours?

Our bee-keepers

We are particularly proud to present the 20 delighted bee-keepers who received a bee colony.Experience the highlights of the bee-keeping year up close – from settling in and building the combs to harvesting the sweet-smelling honey. Our young bee-keepers offer you a glimpse inside the beehive and the opportunity to be part of something special.



Want to get involved?

Sponsor a bee through Hektar Nektar to help save honey bees and wild bees.

Simply visit the website and become a sponsor.







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