4 natural absorbers of various pains


4 natural absorbents of various pains
These are well-known products that contain special substances (which reduce the feeling of pain). Some products should be drunk while some should be used only for salt use or in the form of tea (liquid).

  1. Mustard is known for its analgesic properties. Make a small sandwich with a slice of bread on which you spread a thin layer of mustard. The headache will slowly disappear. Horseradish has similar properties. But there should be a measure for everything, so these products should not be used excessively either.
  2. Ginger’s miraculous root has analgesic and other beneficial properties. Ginger tea relieves muscle pain and inflammation. Honey or lemon can be added to the tea. The toothache subsides and disappears if the mouth is rinsed with tea water to which you have added finely chopped ginger root.
  3. Garlic – solves toothache if you put chopped garlic on the root of the hand (at the place where the pulse is felt) and on the opposite side of the diseased tooth and fasten it with gauze. The pain will soon be significantly reduced and gradually disappear.
  4. Chili pepper – contains a significant amount of the powerful natural analgesic capsaicin, which blocks both acute and chronic pain (due to the weakening of the reaction of nerve endings). Black radish has similar properties. Chili can be eaten fresh or ground in small quantities or be an addition to many savory dishes.


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